MW3 Hardened Edition Details Anonymously Leaked

Epicness just¬†received¬†an¬†anonymous leak regarding details of MW3’s premium “Hardened Edition”.

Get a load of this: “The premium Hardened Edition of the upcoming shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will ship with a year of free membership to Call of Duty Elite, among other features” Acording to the¬†anonymous¬†source who provided a photo to

The leaked photo reveals that the Hardened Edition includes:

A copy of MW3 with unique disc art. Win!!!

One Year Call of Duty Elite Membership. Win^2!!!

Special Founder Status On Call Of Duty Elite includes exclusive in-game emble, tags etc. Win Combo x10!!!

Collectible Steelbook Case. Win Bukakke!!!

Exclusive PSN Timeline Theme. Win Fest!!!

Exclusive Juggernaut XBL Outfit. Winnage!!!

Limited Edition Collectible Field Journal. Fk Yeah.

That is all, I’m going for a tissue now.


Persona 4: The Golden New Features Revealed


Well, as you all may have known, the Playstation 2 classic title is making it’s way to Sony’s Playstation Vita sometime next year.¬† The game is not only being ported, but the devs have added new content. That of which consists of new characters, cut scenes, outfits and personas, as well as Wi-fi and 3G support.

There’s also talks that new voices have been added, along with more voice dialog than the original. Which is definitely an improvement, well, at least for me. I’m a huge persona fan but man, do I hate reading lengthy text dialog; I’m the type of guy that won’t read a book if it doesn’t have any pictures in it. So you already know.

Anyway, I’m definitely looking forward on getting my hands in a Playstation Vita, and the Persona 4 port is definitely a game I’ll be getting for it.

It’d be pretty sweet if they bundled the two up.

Child of Eden Kinect Bundle Confirmed

Microsoft just announced their plans to bundle Child of Eden via download code with the current Kinect hardware. The bundle will be released in all XBOX Live regions and is set to hit retailers sometime next week for the same price as the current bundle offer. ¬†This game has¬†received wonderful reviews and nailed an 84/100 Metascore¬†but despite the good reviews, the sales since its original launch haven’t been so great. It’s one of those games that goes¬†unappreciated¬†despite its good qualities.


However, ¬†with this new bundle offer,¬†Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s Q Entertainment will be able to reach ¬†broader gaming audiences. Especially now that you can get the Kinect ¬†sensor, Kinect Adventures and a download code for Child of Eden, ¬†for just $150. Not a bad deal for you penny-pinching bastards.

The Playstation version of CoE will come out sometime in September with Playstation Move support and awesome 3D!

Scrolls Teaser Trailer

Mojang released the Scrolls teaser trailer not so long ago, which showed a man drawing beasts on a scroll and then walking up to a mage/wizard type character. No clue what the game is gonna be about, but im gonna take a imaginative guess and say its about a man who has the power to bring creatures to life through his art by sketching them onto scrolls, but something goes wrong…… and thats all i got. What are your guesses of what the game will be about?

Much Love JT

Spartan Off Doody Episode 3 XXXV Takes A Dues

Every now and then a Spartan has to go take a Dues, but they are not aloud or have the time to do so during the job. So here at 8BC we present you a video of a spartan taking a Dump. No not really, but you will see Spartan XXXV unbox the Collectors Edition of Deus Ex Human Revelation in the video above and below.¬† You will also get to see him break his Collectors Edition “doll” right after he opens the package………..yeah. Toys!!!!!!!!!!!

“Its a little gun”- Spartan XXV

“deadly residue, fuckin sticky ass snot”- Spartan XXXV

That’s what she said

Much Love JT

Brink $13 At ????

Toys R Us kid bitch! born and raised. Head over to Toys R to get yourself a PS3 copy of Brink for only $12.98. Where you can also get it as a store pickup to save you all that useless shipping $$$$$krill that you would have wasted. Come on bro don’t be lazy and walk, it’s not that far and it diff will be worth it in the end especially if you been broke and have needed something to play because Brink will be worth every buck amd give you hours of¬† enjoyment. Ill just assume your not reading this because your out picking up yourself a copy.

Much Love JT

The Binding Of Isaac Trailer

Mother……mother are you alri……….. no!!!!!! After Isaac’s mom loses her mind little Isaac goes and takes shelter in the basement for safety. To find himself in a even more dangerous situation where he has to fight his way through the evil that has been brought onto his family and home. Will he be able to stop the madness? we’ll have to see when Binding of Isac releases next month, but for now check out the Super Meaty Trailer of The Binding Of Isaac above.

Sub To James the creator of the Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy Trailers

Much Love JT