Amazon Fetish #2 .0

Over at Amazon you can pick up these two epic finds right now!!! but be quick the fetish ends tonight! Head over to amazon and grab yourself some win! Go go go go! Go get yourself a super slick rumbly DualShock controller for your PS3, so you can play the free copy of Little Big Planet with your friends! Wait! Whaaa!? You and your friends are in a arguement! I’m here to Help! help help help help! Beat the shit out of them and choke them to death with a ps3 copy of MMA! No? Not your way? Then sit them down and scratch them a little mix to show them how much you care! 🙂

PS3 DaulShock Controller With Free Copy Of Little Big Planet!!!! $39.99

MMA (PS3) $9.99

DJ Hero 2 Bundle (PS3) $19.99

MuchLove JT