OwlBoy Demo!!!!!!!!!

AAAAAAAwwwwwwwww Yeah!!!!! Video Gameplay Coming Soon!!!!! The Owl Boy demo was just released and tweeted by DPad Studios!!! I got to go and play this baby so sorry that this is basically useless and short but bye! Cya guys!!!!


I played up to the end of the first boss and it was great. Theirs dragons that are like the fireball chains that go in circles in Mario Bros, goblins that are blind and will hear you if you fly, and so much more like steampunk pirates that fight you in the sky! Its amazing!  you have to check it out for yourselves in the video below. The boss was awesome and I loved art i will definitely be getting my hands on this when it comes out. How about you?

Owl Boy Demo Is Up!!!


Much Love JT


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