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  • filthyviewwhore 4:02 pm on September 30, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Vita’s 3G Capped to 20MB of Data Download… wait what? o__O 

    Seems like Sony is taking a page from mobile phone service providers and posting a data download cap on their Vita (the data download cap is only if you opt for the 3G model.)

    Sony representatives stated that players who will use the 3G downloads will be limited to 20MB of data. Wait what? That’s pretty damn absurd; what if I want to download a game from the PS Store or even do some online gaming? Oh wait, I can’t even do online gaming in 3G because the speeds are around 128kbps download and 64kbps upload. So unless I REALLY like the feel of my online gaming to be somewhere along the lines of obtuse and virtually unplayable, I get no online gaming for my Vita. Which brings about another question, why even bother having a 3G model if the speeds are going to be this piss poor?

    Luckily those speeds and data caps are only for Japan (as of this typing) it’s still unknown as to what Americans and Brits get to do with their 3G, but since AT&T has an exclusive partnership deal with Sony & the Vita (in the U.S. that is) I’m guessing fuck all. I think I’m going to get Verizon Wi-Fi just to see if I can make an AT&T employee’s head implode.

    The PSVita launches in Japan on December 17th, 2011. And sometime in early 2012 for the rest of us that matter.

    As always thanks for reading. Feel free to Like us on Facebook and stalk all of us on Twitter.

    Now go back to saving the world or that princess that never puts out.


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    Super Meat Boy 24 Hour Live Stream 

    [Stream Starts at 1am Pacific Time on the 27th]

    If your wondering why their hasn’t been any post as of lately it is, because our most active writer Jhonny Thizzlam has been busy setting up a live stream for the release of the Binding Of Isaac on the 28th. Like always he started late and only had a week to set everything up. In four days he worked on the exterior of the stream lol.  when he should of been working on the exterior, with only 54 hours to go lets hope he can pull off a miracle and get the stream lag free (doubt it). Above you will see our Super Meat Boy Live stream promo that he did on the fly.

    [ Jhonny Thizzlam] Yip, I wanted to do a live stream because I love super meat boy and since the Binding Of Isaac was coming out and half of Team Meat was working on it, why not play Super Meat Boy all day, before it comes out. Then I told myself “if your gonna play Super Meat Boy all day why not stream it?” Then I was like holy fuck that’s a great idea. Super Meat Boy for 24 hours on my birthday! It can’t get better then this! So since this stream is on the fly I apologise now for the lag that will be experienced and for not having any prizes to give away. I also apologize for not have enough time to have Skype worked and figured out and not having a computer good enough to run it.

    [Things that are being worked on] Stream quality, voice [a must], cam [probably not],skype[maybe], prizes [I’ll see what I can do]…….  Things I don’t get to do this time around since stream was done on the fly… Dress up as Dr. Fetus and paint my face pink which is as much as a let down for me as it is for you since I really wanted to do it lol.

    If you cant make it at least take a glimpse at my channels layout I think its pretty cool.


    Follow us 8Bit Coma on

    Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/8BitComa/207493332639538


    Check out my friends Show RSVPlay hosted by Sculi Drew and Zandra Dee on Twitch TV every Sat-Sun

    (might not see him on this week he’s buying himself a new PC)

    Also Darktoid Films by Bobby Venom where you can watch dark video game interviews and promos, also short films

    and lol ( I have a lot of friends doing great and big things ) Catch
    AZENA BYTES every monday-sunday at 10pm pacific time(I’m pretty sure) hosted by Gigabyte Bandit and Azenathor


    Much Love JT

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    FFX for PS3 and PSVita Will be a REMAKE 


    I’m usually not the type of guy that gets “floored” by announcements, but needless to type, after stumbling upon this tidbit of news I immediately cast myself onto the floor. According to PSTime, Final Fantasy X will be a full blown remake that uses the Final Fantasy XIII engine. Now it’s time for some block quoted and bullet pointed details.


    • Uses the same engine from Final Fantasy XIII and adapted to PSVita.
    • All that is made ​​from scratch with the new engine is the design of the characters, the aeons and stage elements.
    • The sets and scenes in HD remastered CGI will implement a “filter” FFXIII Engine.
    • The magic and some lighting effects are achieved with the new engine “Luminous”.
    • The Blitzball undergoes some small changes.
    • Will include some online options (specific details are unknown).
    • The release date in Japan is fiscal 2012.

    (Editors note: I tried to edit and modify those translated details to make the most sense as best as I could with what little energy I had)

    I just hope they also edit out this laugh scene.

    Tell us what you think about all of these details in our comment box (it won’t bite). Also, Like us on Facebook and stalk us on Twitter.

    And.. thanks for reading. 😀


    • Mave


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    Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary for $30 & Pre-Order Goodies 

    Feel like seeing where the Halo phenomenon started? Feel like reliving the “good ol’ days” of the Halo-verse. Feel like reminiscing at that one spot where you got sniped for the very first time.. only to be sniped again because you were too busy staring at some fucking polygonal scenery reminiscing about a time you let a bullet go through your head!! Oh, did I forget to mention that all of those classic maps are going to be remastered in HD.. ’cause that’s kinda important.

    Well you’ll be able to do all of that on November 15, 2011 when “Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary” is released for the Xbox 360. Oh did I forget to mention that (through Amazon) is only 30 DOLLARS! Oh yes my lovable worshipers you did read that correctly. But just to add some more validity to this epic announcement, allow me to humble you with the details straight from Amazon’s page.

    $10 Credit Plus Pre-order Bonus
    Pre-order Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and get a $10 Amazon credit good toward the purchase of items shipped and sold by Amazon.com (certain exclusions apply, including Kindle books, MP3s, and video rentals and downloads) as well as Master Chief Avatar Armor and the Grunt Funeral Skull (once activated, every grunt’s methane tank will explode like a plasma grenade when killed). The promotional code for the credit will be e-mailed within two days after the product ships. The access code for the armor and skull will be packaged inside the game box. Offer valid when shipped and sold by Amazon.com, while supplies last. Limit one per customer. Amazon reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time.

    Okay so it’s $30 dollars when you use the $10 credit, but still, what else are you going to use that ten dollar credit on? Socks? I don’t think so, there are digital aliens out there and a ginger in some far away state THAT NEEDS TO DIE (digitally)! Oh shit.. I completely forgot the link to make it easier for all of you to pre-order this awesome slice of epic over at Amazon. There we go.. all better now.

    Well there you have it, feel free to express your gratitude towards me in our comments section below, also Like us on Facebook and stalk us on Twitter.

    As usual, thanks for reading.

    • Mave
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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 Only Needs One Disc (Xbox 360) 


    For those of you who were annoyed at having to change your disc after 10-20 hours of playing the original Final Fantasy 13 on your Xbox 360, then I have good news for you! No longer will you have to do that tiresome process of getting up, walking that extremely long journey over to your Xbox 360, pushing the eject button, take the disc out of the tray, place the swapped disc back in the box, then place the requested “new” disc into the Xbox 360 disc tray, push the disc tray back into the 360, use a towel to wipe the sweat off of your body, drink a gallon of Gatorade (you’re gonna need the electrolytes), walk that same journey back to your gaming seat, lift that ever-so heavy controller and finally resume gaming.. after watching the mandatory cutscene.

    Famitsu has just confirmed this so don’t look at me like I’m trying to start an insane rumor. Toriyama insists that FFXIII-2.0937458 is just as big as FFXIII, they just minimized the CG cutscenes and just implemented event scenes where everything is in real time (I better not see “press A to do a flashy spin”).


    Feel free to express your utter gratefulness to me in our comments section below this article, also Like us on Facebook and stalk us on Twitter.

    Thanks for reading

    • Mave
  • cloudlxxxv 3:35 pm on September 20, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Off With The Helmet To Welcome Gears of War 3! 


    It has been a long wait for everyone who tasted its delights in the Beta and an even longer wait for those that didn’t  get into it.

    This is The End of the Trilogy but NOT the end of the Series as a whole.

    I’m sure many of you are getting stuck into it by now or are eagerly waiting for payday, ready to unleash hell upon the Locust Hordes!
    I cant wait to start playing, so I’ll get on with it already!

    Me being me got my grubby little hands on the epically named Epic Edition!

    Gears of War 3: Epic Edition Contents

    A Limited Edition Marcus Fenix Statue

    The Art And Design of Gears of War

    Exclusive Downloadable Content*

    Gears of War 3 Limited Edition **

    *Infected  Omen Weapon Skins

    **Adam Fenix MP DLC, Oculus Service Medal & some of Adam Fenixs Personal Effects

    Now Thats EPIC!

    I had fun doing EP#5 of SPARTAN OFF DUTY.

     Which is the Unboxing of this of course!

    Hope you will check it  out!

    Please Like, Comment, Share & Subscribe! 😀

    • shawnmave 7:17 am on September 21, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I hate you, I really hate you, I hate your helmet, I hate your hands, I hate your favorite vegetable (if you happen to have one), I hate your entire existence.. this hatred can easily be resolved if you simply HAND OVER GEARS OF WAR 3 YOU FUCKING FUCKERTON OF FUCK NUGGETS! D: (“fucking fuckerton of fuck nuggets is copyrighted by Mave Inc.”)

    • cloudlxxxv 10:10 pm on September 25, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      My Fav Veg is Peas..
      Mmmmmmm.. Peas……………….
      No you cannot have my Gears of War 3.
      I also discovered i got that Epic Edition for FREE!!
      Yes Mave……

    • Nekromorph 4:36 pm on December 29, 2011 Permalink | Reply


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    Indie 2D Bundle on Steam Saves you 80% 


    Steam, I have to tell you something, I love you. Okay now that all of the sappy stuff is out of the way; I think it’s time to let all of you know that you can get five stellar games for $10. MADNESS right? WRONG! This isn’t MADNESS, THIS.. IS.. STEAM! *kicks over road cone*. All humorous banter set aside, here are the five titles you WILL get when you purchase Steam’s “Indie 2D Bundle”:


    2. NightSky
    3. NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits
    4. Swords and Soldiers HD
    5. World of Goo

    If you STILL think this isn’t a great deal, for some inane reason, then here’s another price breakdown (straight from Steam)

    Individual price: $49.95

    Package price: $49.95
    Limited Time Offer: -$39.96
    Cost to you: $9.99
    You save: $39.96
    Well there you go. Now get your pessimistic, judgmental wallet over to Steam (link included, now you can’t say I never helped you out) and buy this awesome bundle!
    You have 51 hours and 29 minutes left (as of this typing)
    As always, thanks for reading, tell us what you think of this awesome bundle in our comments section below, Like us on Facebook and stalk us on Twiter.
    – Mave
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    Creed Gives Out Free Copies Of Their New Album Blu Ass 

     Ubisoft just announced on the PlayStation Blog that they will be giving out free Blu-ray copies of the original Assassins Creed with every pre order of Assassins Creed Revelations. They haven’t said if this promotion will be available everywhere so keep a close eye out over at your favorite video game retailer to grab yourself a copy. I have to admit that this is a pretty epic pre order bonus. What do you guys think of pre order bonuses? Do you hate them or love them? let us know in the comments below 🙂 .


    Much Love JT

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    Time Links Externaly Into Your Powerglove 

    WTF!!!! A gamers dream!? You can know store your terabytes of porn onto your favorite Nintendo game! Yes you heard write know you can have Sash Grey and Gianna Micheal’s Gag the shit out of the princess while Link helplessly watches while frozen in time. No really you can pick yourself up this cool Legend Of Zelda Nes cartridge/external hard-rive over at Etsy from seller 8BitMemory. The link will be posted below and if Zelda is not your game then you can choose from Batman, Metal Gear and a few others too. So go check out this epicness and pick yourself up a hard-rive . The hard-rives go for $160 with $7 shipping and have 1Tb of space each.


    Much Love JT

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    Xbox Deals Of The Week 

    Are you one of those gamers that never buys the Xbox Live Arcade games on release, because you know they will eventually be on sale for 50% off? Yeah so am I. This week you will be able to pick up each of these titles half off. You will be able to pick yourself up a bunch of epic gems this week such as Portal Still Alive and Ilomilo. So let your wallets crack open and dive into hours of fun.

    Deal of the Week Discount Dates Price Microsoft Points
    Puzzle Me This….    
    Gyromancer September 20– 26 600 (50% off)
    Portal: Still Alive September 20– 26 600 (50% off)
    Bejeweled Blitz LIVE September 20– 26 200 (50% off)
    Ilomilo September 20– 26 400 (50% off)

    Much Love JT

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