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    Happy Fathers Day! 


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    Happy Fathers Day! internet. This is a day I have never really celebrated in life, but today that changes. I always blamed the man, the myth, the legend for not being around, but I understand now, his reason or his reason of why he might not of been. 

    But either way the dudes life story is as mysterious as the plot of Metal Gear in its entirety, ha ha, yeah, I know. I just wish, Even though he was around for my first birthday, that he would of stuck around a little longer so I could of shared my love of video games with him.

    Sure he might of passed down his love of baseball and baseball caps down to me, but sometimes I feel that’s just not enough, so today I am going to write about how I whooped his ass in MLB The Show 2017, Ken Griffey Jr. edition.

    So It all started with me on the plate,  Mad Bum and the return of The Bay.

    My Giants vs his Oakland A’s.

    Striking out little leaguers three, three straight

    that just great, Juans on the weights

    I don’t care if character creator is cheating, we’re playing it my way

    Happy Fathers Day though, but your still going to lose

    point and accuse, I swing at acute, angled ya beezy, don’t get your geometry confused

    McCutch on the base, 9th inning it’s late, 14-0 It’s a shutout, no matter how you lose, it’s gonna be your faith.

    Game Over, I hustled you for money, I had Sandoval on my squad, he tripled and he wasn’t even running, it ant funny, HA.


    If you have a fathers day rhyme you would love to bust out, don’t be afraid to let loose, since my skills are far from even being decent, merely mediocre.

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    Kings Of The Cherry Pick 


    Read or Have It Read To You : The 8BitComa Initiative



    It’s been a while, but lets talk about a subject that we as gamers have faced. Particularly against our peers. The beings that once upon a time found our “obsession ” abnormal, stupid and violent.

    Humans who where too afraid to ask themselves if they where the problem. Individuals who seen guns, death, laughter and happiness at the tips of another persons fingers and ran.

    And rather than to reach out and understand. They re-grouped and raged war!

    An old form of entertainment that was all of a sudden new, had soon gotten the whole world pre-occupied.

    An old form of entertainment, they once found stupid, in the same way Rock N Roll, comics and horror movies where to their parents and their parents before them, soon became unfamiliar and dangerous.

    And looking back now, I find it funny, funny how something like a controller, a box and a tv could fill people with the same amount of hysteria as a wmd.

    Were they the ones to blame or was it the fault of the media? That made us all out to be the witches of a witch hunt.

    who was it really who spread wertham across the world? Who knows



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    The Future Of Blogs and News Websites 


    Read or Have It Read To You : The 8BitComa Initiative



    I honestly believe, that in a cyberpunk world and futuristic time like the Jetsons/lost in space, blade runner etc. We won’t have many blogs or news websites, since as people right now, at this very day in age, we don’t get past our social media apps, as we get everything directly from our peers. Through video and messaging.

    So to me, being read our news, seems like something that will be done by everyone. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but eventually.

    Maybe one day, we won’t be much more than a Twitter or Facebook profile. because if you look closely, to the views and comments that come from social media posts, compared to the people that have taken their time to sign up and type out a sentence on someones website, its just too large of a gap to avoid.


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    Microsoft Press Conference First Impression 


    Read or Have It Read To You : The 8BitComa Initiative



    MS aka the Many Sequels press conference started off by showing us something that we are all already tired of…. sequels. Halo 6 dropped onto the screen, as they tried start it all off buy putting people into shock, but only seemed to ignite a spark.

    the rest of the conference was a sequel palooza and ended up putting many of us to sleep, sort of if we where being forced to watch a marathon of the most boring show ever by our father…. BOY. Until, OUR HEARTS STARTING RACING, OUR MINDS COMBUSTING and it… wasn’t SKATE 4…….. yeah.

    But looking pass all the 4’s and 5’s, their did seem to be some pretty awesome gems hidden inside, including a hand made game, that was previously seen on Kickstarter and hopefully soon to drop onto our gaming systems. but Harold Holibuts wasn’t the only game hidden in the attack of the clones, their was also Planet Alpha and Sable, which will mostly be must pick ups on release. 

    When it comes to the AAA game, the only one worth mentioning, that came out punching, with a hard side swipe was Jump Force. It was unexpected and had people getting off their seats to try to get a closer look, that if what they where seeing was real.



  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez 6:49 am on June 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition 

    The power armor edition for Fallout 76 already looks like it won’t be on store shelves long enough to even take a glimpse at by how things seem to be going on Amazons pre order page. But it doesn’t mean we can’t hang around the front of store, ahhhing at it through the glass window in hopes of it coming into our possession in the near future. 

    And just like every other Fallout Edition previous to it, it took a swing and hit it out of the park. With it’s glow in the dark vintage map and wearable T-518 power armor helmet, we’re are one step closer to starting our very own enclave army. So keep close to your F5 key in hopes you can snag up your very own Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition copy.

  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez 10:57 pm on June 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    EA’s E3 2018 Press Conference 


    Read or Have It Read To You : The 8BitComa Initiative



    EA’s press conference yesterday seemed calm and collected, they set the stage with mobile and indie games, then worked their way to the juggernaut they have built under their belt. They started off small and tried to end it with a bang, but their bang wasn’t what made noise at this years press conference, what impressed us was a little game about a real life issue that many of our friends and family suffer through each and every day and that little game with a big message was Sea Of Solitude.

    It stood its ground against AAA titles and came out on top, sure EA didn’t have much to show besides mobile starcraft, but even if EA would of added to the list, I am pretty sure Sea of Solitude would of ran off with it either way.

    In all honesty, as hyped up as a new ip Anthem is, it still feels like we’ve seen this game before. It showers across vibes of Monster Hunter, Destiny and TitanFall, which might sound intriguing at first, but mushing up all your favorite deserts doesn’t always come out tasting so great. 



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    E3arn Free Games and DLC on Mixer 


    mixr e3

    This year Microsoft is promising viewers free digital games and DLC if they watch this years E3 briefing on their own streaming platform, Mixer.


  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez 10:23 am on June 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    EA's E3 2018 Press Conference 

    ea press

    Here at 8BC, we’re patiently waiting for the EA conference in hopes that they reveal more about the new version of Madden Mobile, Madden Overdrive.

    catch the conference and all the EA goodies here:



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