Owner and Founder

Has been gaming before throwing newspapers at old ladies from a bicycle was cool

Juan is Known to dabble with comics, video editors, cameras and anything he can get his hands on. You can catch him on Black Desert Online every second of the day and occasionally roaming the savage landlines of Twitch.

Works, mods, modded and has worked for companies such as Epicpower Gaming, Nvidia and Son of War Comics.

Loves indie games, indie music, indie wrestling and only specifically watches Korean Soaps that can make the coldest man cry.


About 8BitComa


I grew up in a city that is far from the norm. I’ve walked down these streets and have seen the homeless not getting the care they need, due to society treating mental disability as a joke.

I want to not only find a way to shine a spotlight and help the mentally ill and disabled, but to have the world become aware of what we struggle with day in and day out.

I want to build a site that revolves around social media, that has both articles and audio/videos, because, I grew up in a city filled with illiteracy. We may laugh at the fact that others can’t read or spell, but it isn’t their fault, not all of us are going to be molded the same, not all of us find it easy to learn and not all of us are going to be from the same country.

And social media breaks that boundary. Not only does it break it, it’s what we want. one to two minute long videos that hit on a subject and makes us laugh. We don’t always need ten minute long pieces of entertainment. We pick up our phones, see what’s on twitter, skim, watch and go on with our daily lives, because life these days is pick up and go.

To summarize, I want to build a site that reads the articles to you through video segments on social media, while having the option to read them yourself if you prefer, through the website. And maybe even one day, have them signed to you.



The Juan and Only


Hi, I’m Juan Carlos Gonzalez the founder of 8BitComa and at the end of 2016, I started hearing voices.

The newly built schizophrenia like symptoms in my brain where too much for me to handle due to the mania that had come along with it. I was frequently being overpowered with pain and insanity, that my goal eventually ended up being, finding a way out. So one day I got brave enough, I took the shot and attempted to end my life.

At the time I felt like their was no other way, I honestly don’t even know if it was me or the mania, but looking back now, If I knew, that the pain and the discomfort would go away or at least dial down to a minimum, maybe, just maybe, I would of handled things a little differently.

Now, skipping forward a few long hours after the incident, I had to plug the controller back in, pick myself right up and restart the fight, a lot like a video game, I got another chance, another life. I faced my fears head on and so far it looks like I have won every battle I’ve fought.

A few months later, not caring where I was on the scale of fracked, I spent a night homeless in the streets of Long Beach, sleeping in the movie theater, just so I could attend Twitch Con and greet fellow co-workers and friends. I didn’t let my disability hold me back. Just like I didn’t let the 10 years of depression before it hold me back.

I know the cards are stacked against me, I’m mentally ill and mentally disabled, but there’s nothing I can do about it other than to keep on going and try my hardest to make the best out of life.

I don’t know if this is what you wanted to read, if you wanted me to get personal or not, but I felt, like I had to tell you a little something, about how these issues have affected me in some way or form, for you to understand why my logo is what it is and I am who I am.