Pokemon Trading Card Game Beta Now Online

Have you ever wondered why there is no official online Pokemon ¬†TCG? Well wonder no more as Pokemon TCG has now gone online as a Beta..¬†I’m¬†guessing that it’s an open beta as i signed up instantly.

Need¬†I¬†say anymore? Of course¬†I¬†don’t.. the link is here:



New 3DS next year? [rumour]

So Nintendo said there would not be a 3ds lite¬†or any other variation of the 3ds, however we all know better than to believe them money grabbing liars at Nintendo HQ right? Well on this occasion with the 3ds failing as hard as it is I can’t actually blame them for wanting to do a redesign of the handheld.

French site 01net¬†who originally leaked the plans of the WiiU are now claiming that there will be a redesign of the 3ds next year, which will include a second Circle Pad -i’d like to ask Nintendo why the 3ds didn’t just have one in the first place. If you already own a 3ds you’re probably¬†panicking¬†right now because you feel you will be left behind, well don’t be as Nintendo plans to add a clip on Circle Pad to your existing 3ds thus giving you two sticks so you can play real games.. that’s if any ever get released for the 3ds of course.

Also it has been said that the 3ds will be getting a new name, one which will advertise the 3ds as a 3D console better than the original “3ds” name which for some reason most of the general public still do not understand has anything to do with 3D..

Well that is really all there is to say about that.. i’m hoping this doesn’t encourage Nintendo to push the price back up and trash their sales any further.. guess we will just have to wait and see.

Deadly Premonition HD Remake & Sequel &&& Prequel

Developer of Deadly Premonition Hidetaka Suehiro aka Swery said at Gamescon that he not only has plans for an HD remake of the xbox 360 cult classic Deadly Premonition, but also that he wants to make a sequel AND a prequel for the survival horror too.

Those of you that are still yet to play the game can find it in stores for a pretty low price now and also on Xbox Live too -with a cut price thanks to the developers themselves warning people not to buy the game until the price was dropped!

RAGE!! C’mon Guys We’re So Close To Getting A FREE iOS Game!!!

JT already posted this sometime ago I know.. but now we’re getting close!

Just 4000¬†more “likes” are needed and Bethesda will give us the iOS version of RAGE¬†for FREEEEEEEEEE!



New Wii Design For Xmas!!

I guess everybody wondered when the Wii would get a facelift or a “slim” model -if a slim was even possible. Well wonder no more as Nintendo are set to release a new look console in time for Xmas!

As you can see in the picture it looks like the Wii will be bundled with mini-game collections Wii Party and Wii Sports, and of course the new  Wii Remote Plus controller.

Looking like a Wii/WiiU hybrid the console seems to be designed for a horizontal position, rather than the old vertical design.

I can’t help wondering if this “new” Wii will be bundled with a copy of the just announced Zelda Skyward Sword or if it’s an attempt to cash in on the new Zelda announcement.. either way I haven’t seen a new price yet, tho the Wii really is a cheap system at the moment I can’t see it getting any cheaper myself.. that would be ridiculous!

Zelda Skyward Sword Release Date Announced for UK!

18th November 2011

Need I say much more?

Unfortunately the US & JP release dates are still yet to be announced and are only stated as the Fourth Quarter 2011.

But to those in Europe so far it’s looking like a very happy Xmas indeed!

New Xbox 360 Dashboard Leaked Includes Skype, YouTube, Bing & Much More..


A new Xbox Live dashboard has recently been leaked to the public with a new Windows 8 tiles look to it so the dash will now look similar to the Windows 7 phone.

NEW features to the dashboard will include [recently purchased] Skype VoIP, YouTube,  Bing search, Beacon which allows subscribers to notify others about upcoming gameplays etc..

Also by the looks of the video users who own more than one Xbox 360 will now be able to connect their Xbox’s together wirelessly.. You can see a ¬†new feature for “discovery” to par with,¬†I¬†assume BlueTooth devices, and new Kinect support.

As of yet there is no indication of when the new dashboard update will be live, however I would certainly expect it before the end of the year, even possibly sometime early fall as Microsoft seams real eager to push it’s¬†newly¬†acquired¬†Skype out to it’s devices and services.

Look good, nice and slick.. or at least in my opinion it does.. even though some of these features are a little late coming.. but you know what they ¬†say “better late than never!”