Gamestop Apologizes for Stealing Your Deus Ex

This “apology and peace offering’ was a direct result of the slanderous blogs and comments coming from angry gamers all over including me (see¬†Gamestop Is Stealing Your Deus Ex Game! Those¬†bastards!¬†)

Well, maybe not, but the fucks are trying to save face by apologizing for ripping open your brand new game and literally stealing a part of it only to destroy it. What’s funny about the situation is that Gamestop had to be up to their old bitch ass ways and had to do just one more retarded thing before they apologized which was to stop selling Deus Ex in their stores all together.

Customers received this email from Gamestop yesterday:

For your inconvenience, we would like to offer you a free $50 GameStop gift card and a Buy 2 Get 1 Free pre-owned purchase. We want to earn back your trust and confidence in the GameStop experience. Please bring in this email and your store receipt or order confirmation from and present it to a Game Advisor.

Pfffffttt, fuck you Gamestop I’m not convinced. Everyone knows that a new video game costs $65.

Does this make you happy? Hey, I mean it is $50 to buy another game they’ve probably fucked up too. It’s like heyyyy, we got caught stealing n0w heres some gift card to shut you all the fuck up. Such a sincere apology Gamestop. You guys are friggin’ winners. -__- ‚ėÖMissB.


Gamestop Is Stealing Your Deus Ex Game! Those bastards!

Exclamation point!


First, they are stealing your money by giving you practically NOTHING when you trade in your fairly new games. Then they steal your hapiness when they anger you on how some employees know practically NOTHING about gaming yet still work there. Now if that wasn’t enough, they steal your Onlive version of¬†¬†Deus Ex: Human Revolution¬†by literally ripping open your fresh shiny new case with their grubby shit wiping fingers and they take your sweet Onlive code and they destroy it out of pure, puke and shit green envy.

Those bastards!

I appreciate opening my video games, peeling off the wrapper and carefully prying open the box and for the first time picking up my shiny new disc and checking out the cover art. But nnnoooo, these fucks just think its okay to mess up people’s tiny gaming traditions and/or superstitions by touching our stuff?

Why would they do such a thing?

Why? Because they’re bastards that’s why! Other than that they are being cowards and instead of facing up to a new digital delivery service such as Onlive and coming up with some innovative way to keep up with healthy competiton, they eliminate it all together. Yeah, that works for the mafia and other gangsters down in Texas but in this case it’s friggin’ bitch.

Read the employee memo.

And they aren’t denying it either. This is no Photoshop magic fabrication and when media asked Josh IvanJackOff about it he kept up the trend of his company and bitched out telling them to take it up with public relations represenative¬†Beth Sharum. Miss Sharum stated, “Square Enix packed the competitor‚Äôs coupon with our DXHR product without our prior knowledge and we did pull these coupons.”

So what bitch? 

That’s like Starbucks destroying Columbian coffee because they are afraid customers will move to Columbia.

That’s like any musician literally murdering Lil Wayne because he used a snippet of their music in his crap.

That’s like condoms removing spermicide because they are afraid fuckers will use JUST spermicide.

That’s like toilet paper companies lacing constipation medicine with laxatives.

*shrugs* Jus’ sayin.¬†‚ėÖMissB.

Eliminate all robots starting in 2012

For those of you anticipating a zombie¬†apocalypse¬†you may have to prepare for a very scary and very real danger in the future; a robot¬†apocalypse. I mean, we’ve never REALLY anticipated a robot¬†apocalypse¬†due to the Terminator series we’ve always counted on some bad ass pre-maid boning whore-man action hero¬†destroying¬†himself and saving all humanity correct?


Oh. Well,¬†developer Demiurge Studios and Ubisoft have collaborated to create Shoot Many Robots,¬†“a four-player co-op run-n-gun side-scrolling RPG shooter filled with tons of weapon and item customization.” If you buy this title and expect something different from what the title says then you my friend may have a¬†chromosome¬†missing because plain and simple ‘Shoot Many Robots’ is about just that, shooting MANY robots. This Borderlands-esque game (Demiurge Studios helped to create Borderland’s Arena mode) includes two game-modes Traversal allowing you to proceed level by level and Survival which pits you against hordes of Robots.

So, if you think it’s time to start preparing for the Robot Apocolypse as its more likely your Iphone may murder you one day; or if you just want to have fun shooting killer robots with friends the Shoot All Robots is for you. No exact release date has been set but will be released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.¬†‚ėÖMissB.

Shoot Many Robots Gameplay Below

Fine WTFs in Gaming 1 (Super Pii Pii Brothers)

In this new segment I’ll be bringing to you is called ‘Fine WTFs in Gaming‘, I will scour the ends of this brittle and shattering Earth searching for every bit of weird and odd video game history to you all. Without further ado I bring to you the first inductee of this very prestigious list, “Super Pii Pii Brothers”

Just… just watch the video.



In Super Pii Pii Brothers those women who are sufering from ‘Penis Envy’ (as Freud so confidently declared) can finally get a glimpse of what its like to take a piss with a penis in their hand. Let’s add a dash of cuddly in this bitch and have some ginger kitten-cats pop out of toilets for no reason… pissing on them gives you extra points.

Gingerrr catz gets nos repectz

This was supposed to be a pic of a 

ginger cat but for some reason

this picture was in the results

its a Wtf in a WTF its like a 

muthafuckin paradox!!

Anyways, there’s no additional reason to spend time on this topic – until next time with another Fine WTF in Gaming…¬†‚ėÖMissB.

P.S. This video game was actually a 2008 joke from to this day, it still tricks people. Nevertheless surely worthy of a what the f^_^k  lol

Wipeout Again this Holiday Season

ABC’s hit show Wipeout has put thousands of real life players on their ass, backs, and necks enticing the viewers at home to be a part of this Wipeout madness. It’s no surprise that the video games version ( which was released on Xbox360 last year ) was a huge success and Wipeout wants to duplicate or even pass that success with Wipeout 2. This year’s Wipeout game version will feature the obstacles from the Winter and Summer seasons. Using your motion control device of choice (based on your console) you can run the course or throw things at players who are running the course all with improved controls. Exclusive to the 3Ds is a¬†4-player pass-and-play mode which is cool…. but not as fun but hey whatever.

Wipeout 2 is going to be available for all consoles ( PS3 (with Move), Xbox 360 (with Kinect), Wii, DS, and 3DS ) right in time for Christmas.

Ummmm….. wtf is Wipeout??? Check out the Top 10 Best Wipeout Moments ever to check out why I and millions of others love this show.¬†‚ėÖMissB.

Official Street Fighter X Tekken Bear Trailer (Gamescon 2011)

Here’s a Bear character trailer from Gamescon 2011 today…

Gotta love that Bear farting in your face special move…¬†‚ėÖMissB.

Diablo III Adds ‘Inferno’ Difficulty, New Screenshots




As an intense Diablo 2 fan you are well aware of the difficulty levels that have kept many a player up long nights leaving them satisfied and tired with blood shot eyes and a deep down hate for Baal.

Fuck you Baaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!! 

Today at Gamescom, Blizzard threw out a curve ball for Diablo III that would make the survivors of Hell cringe… Inferno.

Inferno is the fourth and seriously tough difficulty level added to Diablo III. In Diablo II players were level capped at 99 while monsters were capped at Level 85. Diablo III will now cap players at level 60 which then unlocks Inferno mode where EVERY monster you encounter will have at least level 61 skills.

I don’t need to break down how tough these monsters will be and how many times you are going to get pwned, throw your controller, punch your pillow, kick your bitch ass cat, say “Fuck you mom!” when she calls you for dinner and cry inside. No. Theres no need to break all that down for you. Not at all.

This Inferno run will open up a whole new world of ass kicking that will not be the redundant loot-searching Baal runs of Diablo II. Diablo III Inferno mode offers new armor and Runestones not available in lower-difficulty levels but hell, you’re sure going to need it.

Diablo III for Mac and PC currently has no set release date but keep your eyes open for a beta in September.¬†‚ėÖMissB.