Persona 2: Innocent Sin Official Launch Trailer

Atlus just released the official trailer for the only game of the Persona series to have yet seen a US release. Yep, I’m talking about Persona 2: Innocent Sin on PSP. Pre-orders are set to be available sometime later this month, not to mention Amazon and Gamestop are including a 10-song soundtrack¬†with every pre-order; with remixes by composer Shoji Meguro of¬†Persona 3¬†and¬†Catherine.

The game is set to release on September 20th, 2011.


Pokemon Trading Card Game Beta Now Online

Have you ever wondered why there is no official online Pokemon ¬†TCG? Well wonder no more as Pokemon TCG has now gone online as a Beta..¬†I’m¬†guessing that it’s an open beta as i signed up instantly.

Need¬†I¬†say anymore? Of course¬†I¬†don’t.. the link is here:

My Deck Is So Meta!

Metagame! A game that was started at GDC and puts you and your fellow gamers in a debate about games and the characters you love. No matter what the game, no matter what the question its up to you to win the argument, by having who ever is near vote on which argument was better. The game was such a hit at GDC that it was demanded by many for actual release. So the epic guys Local No.12 the creators of the game started a Kickstarter a couple months ago and succeeded. Now the game is close to release sometime around September if all goes well. For the non backers theirs no idea when the decks will be out for people who missed the opportunity to help Kick start this game, but their will be some for sale after the Kickstarter event has finally finished and everyone has received their Meta decks. If you are eager to see the game in action watch the video above to see Giant Bomb play a couple of rounds.

Are you as turned on as i am?

Go check out their KickStarter and Site for more information about the game



Much Love JT


Unfortunately, this is true. Youtube hates the very omnipotent beings that helped to make Youtube famous. I’ll just stop there, I have evil plots to devise. In the meantime, enjoy the above video/truth.

Stop the press!!! ZOMBIE BOWLING BALLS!!!!!!!!!.. and Dead Island..

Now we all know that zombies will eventually rise up just to be killed again by me. Until we get the opportunity to actually use a zombie’s decapitated skull as a bowling ball.. these balls (haha.. balls) will suffice.

Okay, now to make this post gaming related (our founder beats me with a bag full of burning kittens if I don’t!).. Here’s 20 minutes of a promising new Zombie training device.. also known as “Dead Island”.

Day 1 Suck It!!!!

Its been 24 hours since we started up 8BC and we’ve hit our milestone 9 hours ago. We have 138 hits currently so i think we did epic awesome uber tits. 8/3/11 9am – 8/4/2011 9am 138 hits. Fuck You Get Pumped!!!!

Much Love JT

8BC Game Of The Year 2011

Were are 4 months away from the end of the year and yes we are already starting the polls for the game of the year. At the end of the year we will come back to see which game has won and will wear its crown proudly on its cushy throne. We wont be deciding this years game of the year no we will not. This year your the one whose gonna choose!!!!  A lucky games destiny is in your hands will it be the same old main stream game? or will it be a underdog straight from the bottom of the dark depths of the indie game barrel of goodies?