Nathan Drake Ventures Into The Deadly Colors Of The Reading Rainbow

Have you been waiting to finally get your hands on some Uncharted adult literature so you could finally fulfill your fantasies!? Too bad!,  but we do have some good news. You will be able to pick up some Uncharted literature and be taken deeper into Nathan Drakes world and life with the up coming releases of the Uncharted book and comic series. The book Uncharted The Fourth Labyrinth will take you through a action pack story where Nathan Drake runs through the undergrounds of New York to the sands and dunes of Egypt and Greece while being chased by assassins as they try to uncover the truth behind the murder of Sully’s good friend and father of Nathans new damsel friend Jada. If your looking for a more sci fi version of Uncharted the the comic book might be the one for you since you’ll be joining Nathan Drake to the lost city that lies at the center of the Earth. You will be able to pick up the book on October 4th with the comic book series 1st issue being released on the 30th of November.

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Put On Your Elder’s Glasses And Scroll Through A Few Pages Of Rage

If your to eager and cant wait for the games Rage and Skyrim will you can read up on a few books Bethesda has coming out based on their games and worlds, but you will have to wait a bit for those too. Rage will have its novel come out at the end of this month on the 30th and if you go to the link below you will be able to read a few of the pages so you can decide for yourself if its a buy or not, so have fun. Rage story line focus’s on Lieutenant Nick Raine a Ark survivor who is after a tyrant. for what? well your just gonna have to read the book arnt ya 🙂 i also have to read the book i have no idea why also lol.  Now the Elder Scrolls novel comes out on my birthday September 27th! can’t wait!!!,but my mind wonders about what the story is gonna be about? because the Elder Scrolls world is a fuckin huge one so i wonder what they would cover and what it would be based on. You wont have to wonder though if you were one of the ones that new and have read the first novel that i had no idea about lol. So yeah check out these books ,because video game books always do a great job in helping a player get deeper into a game and fall more in love with it. CANT WAIT TO KILL DRAGONS!!!!!!!!

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Read a bit of Rage:



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Mega Man Never Dies!

If you were one of the ones with a 😦 face when the MegaMan Tribute hardcover edition was announced because of its $79.99 price tag then cheer up 🙂 . Why? Because the soft cover version was just released at for the low price of $25.34. Now you will be able to pick this amazing tribute filled with marvelous art with magnificent artist such as Ashley Davis, Ashley Davis, Ashley Davis, Ashley Davis and Ashley Davis. Thats not all! No? Whaaa?Thiers More Mega Madness!!!! This is madness!!!! Mega Man Giga Mix 2 was released for $10.36 and Mega Man Star Force: Official Complete Works for $23.52 both paperback and available at The Blue Bomber might of lost his games, but it wont stop his legacy! They can never stop the Blue Bomber! He will live on!


Check Out Once Upon A Pixel by Ashley Davis:

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Star Force

Tribute Soft Cover

Giga Mix

Tribute Hard Cover

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EA Origins Just The Beginning

Theirs no doubt that EA has been on a change rage these last couple of months with their Origin and multiplayer sub things that i don’t care about so it was no surprise when they announced today that they are gonna focus more on building their properties,franchises and new platform Origin. Seems like Origin isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but the news that did catch our eye was Peter Moore and a couple of others were promoted. I cant wait to see what all this will bring us in the future.

From Ea’s Site:


  • Peter Moore is now our Chief Operating Officer.
  • Frank Gibeau will serve as President of the EA Labels.
  • Our Label structure is expanding to four – EA Games, EA SPORTS, EA Play and BioWare.
  • Barry Cottle is heading up EA Interactive which now includes Playfish, Pogo, EA Mobile, our partnership with Hasbro, the online and mobile business in Asia and soon, PopCap. ————————————————————————————————————————————————–
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Day 1 Suck It!!!!

Its been 24 hours since we started up 8BC and we’ve hit our milestone 9 hours ago. We have 138 hits currently so i think we did epic awesome uber tits. 8/3/11 9am – 8/4/2011 9am 138 hits. Fuck You Get Pumped!!!!

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100 Hits!!!!!!!!!

So its day 1 of 8BC and its 9:35pm currently here in cali  when i started writing this post. Really cant believe that we have already on day 1 hit our very first milestone. The team has worked hard and its been a good day  for me and the family members of 8BC. Thank you for reading and celebrating our 100 hits on our first day Milestone!!!! And the day Is not even over over here in california !!!! Peace out im going to sleep 🙂 !!!! Much Love To My Chill Bros 4 Ever Gaming, 4 Ever Gamers!!!! Also give it up for our new family member Shawn Motha Fuckin Wise!!!!!!!!!!! Have a epic day everyone!!!! Even as i sleep I’m gaming when i sleep…….


P.S. 0 Hits on 8/3/2011 9:00 am – 100 Hits on 8/4/2011 12:05  pm pacific time

100 Hits and we still have 9 hours left of our first day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mistborn Adventure Game: Pre-Order Details

Are you into table top RPG’s or The Mistborn Novel Series? Will if you are your in luck theirs a tabletop RPG game and brand new novel called The Alloy of Law(released November 8th, 2011) by Brandon Sanderson. you can pre order the game right now,but if your going to Gen Con you might want to wait and pre order it their in person for a free exclusive 18×24  poster during August 4th to the 7th at booth #605.