MinedWarp Episode 2! Spartan Off Duty Pilot!!! And Free Copies Of RAGE IOS!!!!

What a great day it is for you guys!!!! You got discounts on Metro 2033 and Blacklight Tango Down! And Now! you get a new episode of MinedWarp and you get to see a pilot from my friend Cloud for his new show Spartan Off Duty!!!! Fuck do we spoil you!!!!! Oh no no no! Thats not all! With our magical mutant powers we got everyone a free copy of RAGE for the IOS!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAw Yeaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! You can tell us how much you love me down in the comments 🙂 !

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Free Rage


Much Love JT


8BitComa Warps Your Mind With Thier First Web Series

8BC promised to expand and we are keeping that promise starting with the Machinima MinedWarp by Jhonny Thizzlam. This will be our first show and video series to go up on the 8BitComas YouTube page. Each week their will be a new episode up until the first season ends. Mined Warp is about a kid(boy or girl) who is warped into MineCraft one night after rage quitting Super Meat Boy… Yes the video is in subtitles, because we don’t have the materials or crew to do it differently, but in the future we hope to remake the series with some voice actors,better quality and on the final version of MineCraft. So heres episode 1 enjoy and come back and tell us what you think on this post or on the video comments. 🙂 .

Much Love JT