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  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez 9:15 am on May 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    Sinister Creature Con : Dream warriors Reunion 

    Last year was a crazy one, not only was I living through a real life horror film, I also got to attend my very first horror convention. Where I got to see some of the victims of one of my all time favorite horror series, A Nightmare On Elm Street. It was eye opening getting to see the humans who helped mold such an iconic monster in person, glad I was able to hold my shit together long enough to  be able to experience the con at all. 

    Also, Amanda Fucking Wyss.

  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez 10:00 pm on May 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    Interviews : 8BitComa Editor-In Chief 

    When was the site created?

    Back In 2011, I got a hand full of my friends together and started the trolliest gaming blog ever…. Well, maybe not ever. But every now and then we dropped news on Keemstar, YouTube drama and a bunch of other dorky shtaku.

    We had our moments and our shoutouts, had our funs and our laughs. I think the problem was that we ended up taking things too seriously at the end.

    How Did You All Meet?

    We where all veteran trolls at a mobile site called Mocospace, at the time I had slightly moved on from it, but would go back to it just to say hi. Everyone lost their home in that forum a few years after or so, I’m not sure what happened, but I think the forum got closed. if you where their during the times it was an mental institute, you would know exactly who we where. Everyone in the gaming forums new us, we where loved. 

    So the previous logo? You do know it’s random AF, right?

    Since I was the one who created her as the logo it never seemed random to me, but looking back at the design, an amputee might of been a little much for others to take in at the time, lol. The character was based on two girls I had crushes on in high school.

    My freshman year crush wore the same red hoodie each and every day, While my senior year crush had short hair and was as thin as Audrey Hepburn.

    My senior year crush ended up being the only reason I would go to class, just being around her would help me a bit with my newly found depression, that is before my house got broken into, then it all went down hill from their.

    I think I seen her working at a Gamestop a few years back, we never had really spoken, she was just a friend of a childhood friend, that was in my 5th period history class.

    Oh, and the girl in the logo was an amputee, because I had a comic book character I was working on at the time, she was a big part of the universe I was creating, still need to get working on that.

    The New Logo, it’s fire baby… what inspired you to come up with it?

    A few things inspired it actually. It’s a mix of randomness, first of all their was The sites name that now crosses over with my suicide attempt, my struggle with mental health of course, my favorite 59fifty color schemes and Kendrick Lamars Damn. Logo.

    Damn. Logo? 59fifty? wha?

    Kendrick Lamars Damn. album is an absolute masterpiece and one of my favorite albums that I had the pleasure of listening to in 2017, but the cover is ridiculous. As in it looks so throwback and underground and simple, that it just works. You can listen to any track on the album, look down at the design on the case and it will express exactly what you’re thinking. Damn.


    Sure the cover and font looks like someone went to their local high school and printed it on an iMac G3, but he still managed to make it go hard.

    So I took the concept of simplicity and one up’d him by taking out the letters and just going with a punctuation mark. But not just any punctuation mark, but a punctuation mark with meaning, thought and heart. .

    …… Then I slapped my head on it. lol.


    Now, 59 Fifty, That’s just a brand of fitted hats from New Era, the color hex is based off a Fathers Day cap I own that made me fall in love with the heather color scheme on clothing.

    What are we watching?

    We went really really Gangster with the DIY when 8BitComa Launched. So what your eyes have laid upon is our first ever promo video created by yours truly on MS Paint….. took a while, but It got finished, I’m also a huge fan of the Fable Series, so I couldn’t resist throwing it some love.

    Why did 8BC stop releasing content?

    My mind and heart were’t in a good a place at the time and the negativity that came along with my mental health didn’t help the outcome. I would tell myself every gaming blog is about the same, we post about the same games, same developers, that in all leads to the same content as everyone elses.

    Why read our content, when they can read the AAA sites material.

    Why am I worthy of your time?

    When we started off we where just goofs, doing what ever we wanted. Those weren’t the questions we planned on asking ourselves.


    I don’t regret the time we spent working on the site at all, because we wouldn’t had those fun moments, if we would have never tried.

    Any Thoughts of starting a new team?

    At the moment it’s Just me, myself an I, but I am thankful to the friends that helped me at the start, but you never know, maybe I’ll pick up a few members along the way.

    What will you differently this time around?

      Bring down the eagerness. Roam wasn’t built in a day, your’e trying to build a community and entertain people with content. Not shove the same BS that is tweeted out on the daily. Other than that? Keep goofin.

    uuuummmm, I think that’s about it?

    alright, you can hop back into my head now

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    MHA : Finding Hope 


    The Hope For The Day Organization has teamed up with the most godless kick-ass dudes on the planet, to bring you the most metal shirt you will have the pleasure of owning in your entire lifetime. This limited edition Mental Health Awareness tee will be up on Black Craft Cult’s store for the next 8 days to help support the cause of educating people on proactive suicide prevention and mental health awareness.
    100% of the proceeds go to the HFTD
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    Twitch Con 2016 Omen Challenge 


    2016 Omen Challenge was intense and full of hilarity, as the viewers on Twitch got to choose each teams faith, as they watched streamers such as Josh OG, Trump, Lolrenaynay and DansGaming go through obstacles that where summoned upon them, by the very people they entertain each and every day.

  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez 2:28 am on May 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    The Purge : Accidental Fap 

    acxc9dental fap

  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez 6:11 am on May 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    Live! on Twitch : BDO Scroll Day 5/1/2018 

    Possibly going live on Twitch in around 2 hours at 8AM PST with some Black Desert Online to do our weekly guild scrolls live video from JuanCarlosGonzalez on

  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez 7:25 pm on April 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Rusty Dix 

    Life has been getting harder, but some how I keep beating the odds, so I dedicate this website and whatever this site becomes and grows into, to all my people struggling.


    This is for my just want to live in piece people.

    To the please stop referring yourself to something other than me people.

    yes we’re equal

    don’t keep shrugging the issues off as if without your voice, we have a box office hit

    because without you tomorrow might not be a sequel

    This is running man, life or death

    people playing minion lingering onto the chiefs every breath

    you listen, but acting’s Shaquelle O’neal

    no matter how big the balls, the pressures never gonna set.


    I can’t get over it

    semicolons in my blood

    all these little pills, I’m no longer holding them

    Brett Farved it out, slinging toxins out the glove

    I can feel the pumping, as my eyes open to the cuts

    standing up with tubes in my dick, this is not what I expected out of love

    I tried to make it to first base with the man downstairs and the one above

    got caught two timing and my ass instantly got dumped

    Just trying to break the ice with the site, get #1 out the way, have fun and throw your verses down in the comments below.
    Much Love from your boy JCG
    • Neranjan Venom 10:29 pm on April 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Every time I think I’m the real deal, life wanna serve me an evander holyfield. Tired of all the biting even in my own writing, but can’t seem to taste the rainbow in what I’m reading. Still breathing but the air ain’t as chill, bro.

      Been such a long time I been waiting for that Venom in me to reveal I almost wanted to let go.
      Yet my boy Jhonny always seems to tell me no, just pushin a mega just to say keep d bumpin just a lil mo.

  • 8bitcoma 6:59 am on March 8, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Rundown, But Still Kickin 

    Its 2024
    The world is Rundown, but still kicking with a 19 minute game play video of the new kickstarter resurrected franchise RUNDOWN:RETURNS and 8BC’s first post of 2013. I had no idea this baby was being worked on until today as Kotaku’s sweet post hit up my Facebook wall a couple minutes ago. The game play video starts off in a cyberpunk world and doesn’t waste any time in escalating into a rifle/shotgun battle between player and AI in the middle of the street. As the player takes cover to avoid gunfire he very easily tears up the AI as it stands in  front of him like a hopeless Miami baseball team :p . A couple minutes in and you will be able to see the basic elements of a RPG with some little bonuses here and their. Including some blast from the past Snes characters, sweet mechanics and pretty stellar graphics. Hopefully this is on your to play list of games for this year and lives up to our expectations.  I will definitely be getting my hands on this later this year.

    The game will retail for $20 when it release later this year, unless you pre order it from the Harebrained site were you will get $5 off and a chance to upgrade to Deluxe or Collectors edition. Make sure to follow Harebrained on Facebook, twitter and their site for the latest news on updates, events, dev diaries and Epicness.

    Twitter :
    Site :
    Facebook :

    Much Love -JT

  • filthyviewwhore 10:39 pm on October 5, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    OnLive Continues Their THQ Deal Week With… 



    First off, I’d like to apologize on behalf of the ENTIRE 8BC crew for not being as swift with our news as we used to be, the majority of us are absolutely slammed with other priorities at the moment and we hope to get these matters resolved so we may go back to our usual regimen of making your minds cum on a daily basis.

    Slightly perverted-undertone apology aside; today on OnLive, you may/will purchase Mx Vs. Atv Reflex for a mere 5USD. Now I’ve been on record as saying that I “will forever miss the Mx VS. Atv series” and that still holds true. So.. to honor one of my most favorite racing franchises of all time. I, Shawn, not as an editor, not as an omnipotent being that blesses all of you (except for when Full Sail insists  that I cram my head full of knowledge, damn you Finite Math), not even as the perverted savior of many social networks, but as a gamer celebrating all of the joy this franchise gave me, will buy Ms VS. Atv Reflex through OnLive and aggressively play the hell out of the online multiplayer. I hope to see all of you OnLine (HA, you see what I did there. Whooo I am a hoot and a half) with me.

    My player tag on OnLive is “supermave” (sans quotation marks) please mention 8BC in your friend request. 🙂

    And if you don’t mind, I’m just going to leave this game play footage here, I assure you it has absolutely no ulterior motives or deceptions to entice you to buy the game and join me online *inconspicuous whistle*.

    As always, thank you for reading *and watching the video, I KNOW YOU DID* Feel free to Like us on Facebook and stalk us on Twitter. Also, if you’d click that nice little “follow” button on the bottom left hand corner of your screen, that would make me really happy. 😀

    • Mave
    • Daniel 8:57 pm on December 8, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      ATV Reflex all the way, the graphics is amazing

  • filthyviewwhore 3:03 pm on October 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    OnLive’s THQ Daily Deals Kicks off With Homefront 

    All throughout this week, OnLive is holding a THQ Daily Deal extrrrrraavaganza! And they’re kicking it off with a 50% off sale on Homefront. Some deals this week could get up to as much as a 82% discount. Different THQ games will be on sale all this week, so not even we know what is going to be on sale next. The only advice I can give you is to give Homefront a try, OnLive lets you try any game on their service for free for 30 minutes. The app is free to download on any PC, Mac and tablet. Oh yeah, PlayPack subscribers, you get a 65% discount on Homefront today. Just for the hell of it, here is some random multiplayer footage.


    As always, thanks for reading. Feel free to Like us on Facebook and stalk us on Twitter, don’t hesitate to leave a comment, we won’t bite.

    • Mave
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