Super Meat Boy 24 Hour Live Stream

[Stream Starts at 1am Pacific Time on the 27th]

If your wondering why their hasn’t been any post as of lately it is, because our most active writer Jhonny Thizzlam has been busy setting up a live stream for the release of the Binding Of Isaac on the 28th. Like always he started late and only had a week to set everything up. In four days he worked on the exterior of the stream lol.  when he should of been working on the exterior, with only 54 hours to go lets hope he can pull off a miracle and get the stream lag free (doubt it). Above you will see our Super Meat Boy Live stream promo that he did on the fly.

[ Jhonny Thizzlam] Yip, I wanted to do a live stream because I love super meat boy and since the Binding Of Isaac was coming out and half of Team Meat was working on it, why not play Super Meat Boy all day, before it comes out. Then I told myself “if your gonna play Super Meat Boy all day why not stream it?” Then I was like holy fuck that’s a great idea. Super Meat Boy for 24 hours on my birthday! It can’t get better then this! So since this stream is on the fly I apologise now for the lag that will be experienced and for not having any prizes to give away. I also apologize for not have enough time to have Skype worked and figured out and not having a computer good enough to run it.

[Things that are being worked on] Stream quality, voice [a must], cam [probably not],skype[maybe], prizes [I’ll see what I can do]…….  Things I don’t get to do this time around since stream was done on the fly… Dress up as Dr. Fetus and paint my face pink which is as much as a let down for me as it is for you since I really wanted to do it lol.

If you cant make it at least take a glimpse at my channels layout I think its pretty cool.

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Bring The Oddworld Series To The Xbox360

Bring The Oddworld series to your Xbox 360 by going to ipetitions and signing the Get the Oddworld  The Xbox 360 petition. It’s not fair that a lot of gamers where introduced to Munchees Odyssee and Strangers Wrath on the original Xbox and won’t get to play and re live the HD version of those epic titles this year or maybe ever. So epicness struck on ipetitions when a petition to bring those titles to the Xbox 360 was created. The petition currently has over 240 signatures and is growing, but still needs allot more support from allot more gamers. Why should you care? Why shouldn’t you! Munchees Oddysee was one of the original Xbox’s launch games and the first Next gen console game of that time that I have ever played and for many other too. I bought a console I didnt want because the Gamecube was sold out and a game I had no idea about and ended up falling in love with both. I’ve had many nostalgic moments with several games and consoles and  Munchee’s Oddysee just happens to be one of them so it would be cool to re live the HD version of the game on the Next Gen version of the console it came out for and I’m sure allot of others would too. So head over to the link below and sign the petition its free and you have nothing to lose and a epic game to gain.

[Spelling Munch’s Oddysee, Munchees Oddysee is a habit from a young age so deal with it]

Much Love JT

DC Universe Going Free 2 Play

Yes!!!! Fuck Monthly fees! Honestly this is great knews for the many DC fans and gamers who have been wanting to pick this sweet MMO up since it released. No monthly fees legit free from Sony’s mouth on PlayStation Blog, but is their a catch? Of course theirs a catch. You will not be able to access everything in the game without dropping some cash down on a monthly subscription fee and their will be 3 subscription levels to choose from. Of course theirs the free versions which lets you play the game for free and get updates, but you wont be able to get the DLC free. Then their premium access which is unlock able by buying DLC and once you do you get to keep it for life. Now the final Legendary Access pack allows you to be able to access everything in the game and gives you the DLC, but I’m guessing that they are only available to you as long as you are dropping cash on the membership every month.

Recap: From the Sony Blog


  • Free Access – Just like it sounds. Download and play the game for free. You also get all ongoing game updates (except DLC packs).
  • Premium Access – This next level of access opens up to you if you spend at least $5 in the in-game store. Premium Access grants you additional benefits that improve your experience in the game, such as more inventory slots, more character slots, bank slots and more free Vault tickets. So all you have to do is pick up some cool items in the store or buy a DLC pack and you unlock Premium Access. The best part? Once you unlock Premium Access you keep it for the life of your account.
  • Legendary Access – With Legendary Access you can unlock the maximum level of features and benefits. To unlock Legendary Access you can pay for a $14.99 per month game pass, or save big with a discounted multi-month pass. Lifetime members are automatically granted Legendary access. Legendary Access also includes all DLC packs at no extra charge.
  • ===============================================================================


More Info:

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Gears Of War 3 Weapon Pack And Green Liquid Skin Details

Straight from Rod was the details on when you will be able to pick up the Green Liquid Skin . The green liquid skin was first seen in the Gears beta used by Microsoft employees and intended to stay that way, but Microsoft where kind in enough to change that and are gonna be giving them away in a future Gears Of War 3 promotion in October. Know lets get to the Gears Of War weapon skin DLC pricing. Yes it will burn your pocket and it will burn it into a billion of tiny pieces of ashes.  Im gonna keep this simple and just tell you how much your gonna have to pay for everything if you buy it all at once in a collection…. Ok are you ready $45. Yes I said $45  how much content to you get you ask? 105 skins. 21 skins per weapon for 5 weapons. Will you be one of the few/many that will drop the cash for these/this DLC collection? Let us know down in the comments :).


240MP Static Skin,

320 MP Animated Skin,

1200MP All Skins of 1 Weapon,

3600 for All Skins


Thanks Bobthecat

p.s. It will cost more if you buy them all separately

Much Love JT

Give Your Wall The Clap With This Borderlands Sw@g

Gearbox just announced on their Facebook page that on the 21st of September. The day after Gears Of War 3’s release they will be selling a limited edition poster print of Clap Trap with the words CL4P-TP ROBOTIC REVOLUTION UNDER him. Its All in yellow and gold with a bit of white and is sexy as fuck and will sure help you get the ladies into your bed as it hangs above it. Only 250 of these babies will be released and hand signed and numbered. SO be quick when this piece releases because they are sure to sell out. Now join the clap trap revolution by liking our Facebook page and commenting below. Are you gonna pick yourself up one of these babies? Who’s your favorite Borderlands character? Would you like to see them in a future print? 🙂 .

Keep a eye out for the print on the 21st

Much Love JT

Star Wars Collection 50% Off On Steam

For the big release of the Star wars Blue-ray saga box set Lucas Games decided to cut the price of all the Star Wars Games in half and sell them in a set also. So head over to steam and pick up these 13 epic titles for just $50.  Also you can pick yourself up a copy of Kotor without having to buy the whole set for only $5 and honestly how can you say no to a $5 copy of Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic. It was the Mass Effect of the last gen consoles so pick up that baby(Get the baby!) and play a legendary game from the heyday. You can pick up the whole Star Wars Collection for $50 over at Steam so if your looking to pick this epic collection of games up you can find a link below.


Games that are 50% off Separately

-Star Wars Empire At War Gold Pack

-Knights Of The Old Republic

-Republic COmmando

-Battlefront 2


Sale only last 71 hours so pick these up for cheap while you still can.

Much Love JT

Nathan Drake Kicks The Bucket In Uncharted Golden Abyss

If Uncharted 3 doesn’t have bucket kicking physics then Golden Abyss is truly the best game in the franchise.  Through out the walk through you will get to see Drake fingering his machete to cut through sheets in this hot steamy environment filled with fuego. Drake climbs the hot walls as they blow and create catastrophe all around him making the fire raise and make him hot all around, especially in the pants. Oh yeah look at that treasure shine….So shiny…..  Just need to collect it. Haha man I cant wait to meet up with Drake again when Uncharted releases in November. I so need to pick up a Vita just for Golden Abyss its looking epic so far. Pick up Uncharted Golden Abyss when it releases for the PlayStation Vita on December 31st of this year. What did you think of the Uncharted Golden Abyss gameplay footage? Are you gonna be picking yourself up a Vita with a copy of this game? Let us know in the comments below and also don’t forget to like us on Facebook 🙂 .

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