Rundown, But Still Kickin

Its 2024
The world is Rundown, but still kicking with a 19 minute game play video of the new kickstarter resurrected franchise RUNDOWN:RETURNS and 8BC’s first post of 2013. I had no idea this baby was being worked on until today as Kotaku’s sweet post hit up my¬†Facebook¬†wall a couple minutes ago. The game play video starts off in a cyberpunk world and¬†doesn’t¬†waste any time in escalating into a rifle/shotgun battle between player and AI in the middle of the street. As the player takes cover to avoid gunfire he very easily tears up the AI as it stands in ¬†front of him like a hopeless Miami baseball team :p . A couple minutes in and you will be able to see the basic elements of a RPG with some little bonuses here and their. Including some blast from the past Snes characters, sweet mechanics and pretty stellar graphics. Hopefully this is on your to play list of games for this year and lives up to our expectations. ¬†I will¬†definitely¬†be¬†getting my hands on this later this year.

The game will retail for $20 when it release later this year, unless you pre order it from the Harebrained site were you will get $5 off and a chance to upgrade to Deluxe or Collectors edition. Make sure to follow Harebrained on Facebook, twitter and their site for the latest news on updates, events, dev diaries and Epicness.

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Super Meat Boy 24 Hour Live Stream

[Stream Starts at 1am Pacific Time on the 27th]

If your wondering why their¬†hasn’t¬†been any post as of lately it is, because our most active writer Jhonny Thizzlam has been busy setting up a live stream for the release of the Binding Of Isaac on the 28th. Like always he started late and only had a week to set everything up. In four days he worked on the exterior of the stream lol. ¬†when he should of been working on the exterior, with only 54 hours to go lets hope he can pull off a miracle and get the stream lag free (doubt it). Above you will see our Super Meat Boy Live stream promo that he did on the fly.

[ Jhonny Thizzlam] Yip, I wanted to do a live stream because I love super meat boy and since the Binding Of Isaac was coming out and half of Team Meat was working on it, why not play Super Meat Boy all day, before it comes out. Then I told myself “if your gonna play Super Meat Boy all day why not stream it?” Then I was like holy fuck¬†that’s¬†a great idea. Super Meat Boy for 24 hours on my birthday! It can’t get better then this! So since this stream is on the fly I apologise now for the lag that will be experienced and for not having any prizes to give away. I also¬†apologize¬†for not have enough time to have¬†Skype¬†worked and figured out and not having a computer good enough to run it.

[Things that are being worked on] Stream quality, voice [a must], cam [probably not],skype[maybe], prizes [I’ll see what I can do]……. ¬†Things I don’t get to do this time around since stream was done on the fly… Dress up as Dr. Fetus and paint my face pink which is as much as a let down for me as it is for you since I really wanted to do it lol.

If you cant make it at least take a glimpse at my channels layout I think its pretty cool.

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Indie 2D Bundle on Steam Saves you 80%


Steam, I have to tell you something, I love you. Okay now that all of the sappy stuff is out of the way; I think it’s time to let all of you know that you can get five stellar games for $10. MADNESS right? WRONG! This isn’t MADNESS, THIS.. IS.. STEAM! *kicks over road cone*. All humorous banter set aside, here are the five titles you WILL get when you purchase Steam’s “Indie 2D Bundle”:


  2. NightSky
  3. NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits
  4. Swords and Soldiers HD
  5. World of Goo

If you STILL think this isn’t a great deal, for some inane reason, then here’s another price breakdown (straight from Steam)

Individual price: $49.95

Package price: $49.95
Limited Time Offer: -$39.96
Cost to you: $9.99
You save: $39.96
Well there you go. Now get your pessimistic, judgmental wallet over to Steam (link included, now you can’t say I never helped you out) and buy this awesome bundle!
You have 51 hours and 29 minutes left (as of this typing)
As always, thanks for reading, tell us what you think of this awesome bundle in our comments section below, Like us on Facebook and stalk us on Twiter.
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Time Links Externaly Into Your Powerglove

WTF!!!! A gamers dream!? You can know store your terabytes of porn onto your favorite Nintendo game! Yes you heard write know you can have Sash Grey and Gianna Micheal’s Gag the shit out of the princess while Link helplessly watches while frozen in time. No really you can pick yourself up this cool Legend Of Zelda Nes cartridge/external hard-rive over at Etsy from seller 8BitMemory. The link will be posted below and if Zelda is not your game then you can choose from Batman, Metal Gear and a few others too. So go check out this epicness and pick yourself up a hard-rive . The hard-rives go for $160 with $7 shipping and have 1Tb of space each.

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Binding Of Isaac Is Soon To Unleash The Wrath Of God Onto Steam

Edmund Mcmillen just tweeted out a nude picture of himself announcing the release date of The Binding Of Isaac. It will be coming out for the pc and mac and only on steam on the 28th. How much will this epic game cost? Only $5! Why would they release such a epic game for so little moneyz? Because they can!!!! yeah!!!! Go beat you¬† mother with a waffle bat! This news is just to good to not celebrate for! Also this is pretty cool since I remember tweeting¬† a couple of weeks ago to a certain someone that the game should come out on the 27th. ūüėČ close enough .

Keep a close eye for when the game is releases this September 28th. What? You don’t have the money for it?! Then go into your mothers purse and clear the shit out of her credit cards until she’s dead broke and you own every copy of Binding Of Isaac ever! What do you do after all that?Grab Abraham Lincoln and beat the shit out of the game while drinking cases of wine coolers filled with roofies until you unconscious and naked! Don’t worry you’ll get use to the fuzziness of Abraham’s beard 0.0 .

Much Love JT

Dead Pixels Out Now For XBLIG

Dead Pixel is out now on Xbox Live Indie Games for 99 cents! Holy bajoozamuza! What? Ma ma ma ma ma? Where you really gonna? No, but check out this little indie game that was just released today. If you love to kill zombies with guns you will most likely love this little gem, also it has a massive RPG element. The dead started walking after a tragic oil spill that has destroyed the country and turned everyone into zombies. Will you survive the apocalypse? Tell us how far you get before you get nommed on and turned to a brainless walking corpse. Action RPG with 22 kinds of zombies, and randomly generated cities FTW! Pfffft I don’t need 100 guns I will kill them all with my bare-hands!

  • RELEASE DATE:¬†9/15/2011
  • DEVELOPER:¬†CantStrafeRight
  • GENRE:¬†Role Playing


  • Offline players 1 – 2
  • Offline co-op 2
  • Dolby Digital

Much Love JT

Indiana Jones And The Golden Zynga Gooch

Zynga has got int bed with George Lucas to bring you Zynga’s next big money racking machine. Indian Jones Adventure world will be coming to a browser near you and to your favorite(or not) social network this October. I have no clue if this is just gonna be a promotion for Zynga’s Adventure World or if its gonna be its own little game, but one thing is sure It will sell and do well. So Are you willing to try out and play another Zynga game just for the Indiana Jones branding? Are you a actual fan of Zynga’s crack addicting games? How do you feel about George Lucas’s decisions recently? Let us know in the comments below.

Much Love JT