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    OnLive’s THQ Daily Deals Kicks off With Homefront 

    All throughout this week, OnLive is holding a THQ Daily Deal extrrrrraavaganza! And they’re kicking it off with a 50% off sale on Homefront. Some deals this week could get up to as much as a 82% discount. Different THQ games will be on sale all this week, so not even we know what is going to be on sale next. The only advice I can give you is to give Homefront a try, OnLive lets you try any game on their service for free for 30 minutes. The app is free to download on any PC, Mac and tablet. Oh yeah, PlayPack subscribers, you get a 65% discount on Homefront today. Just for the hell of it, here is some random multiplayer footage.


    As always, thanks for reading. Feel free to Like us on Facebook and stalk us on Twitter, don’t hesitate to leave a comment, we won’t bite.

    • Mave
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    Diablo III Adds ‘Inferno’ Difficulty, New Screenshots 




    As an intense Diablo 2 fan you are well aware of the difficulty levels that have kept many a player up long nights leaving them satisfied and tired with blood shot eyes and a deep down hate for Baal.

    Fuck you Baaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!! 

    Today at Gamescom, Blizzard threw out a curve ball for Diablo III that would make the survivors of Hell cringe… Inferno.

    Inferno is the fourth and seriously tough difficulty level added to Diablo III. In Diablo II players were level capped at 99 while monsters were capped at Level 85. Diablo III will now cap players at level 60 which then unlocks Inferno mode where EVERY monster you encounter will have at least level 61 skills.

    I don’t need to break down how tough these monsters will be and how many times you are going to get pwned, throw your controller, punch your pillow, kick your bitch ass cat, say “Fuck you mom!” when she calls you for dinner and cry inside. No. Theres no need to break all that down for you. Not at all.

    This Inferno run will open up a whole new world of ass kicking that will not be the redundant loot-searching Baal runs of Diablo II. Diablo III Inferno mode offers new armor and Runestones not available in lower-difficulty levels but hell, you’re sure going to need it.

    Diablo III for Mac and PC currently has no set release date but keep your eyes open for a beta in September. ★MissB.

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    Gamefly Details its new PC Game Rental Service 



    I’ll be the first guy to admit this; if Gamefly were to meta-morph itself into a living being I would gladly toss its salad time and time again. Thanks to Gamefly I was able to play all of the hottest games while remaining a cheap ass bastard. But since my ps3 fell victim to the YLOD/Jack The Ripper I haven’t been able to bask in as much awesomeness as I wanted to. (Gametap is OK, but it’s no Gamefly) Well Gamefly have apparently sensed my sadness and the sadness of all of you for not being able to play with me and announced their new, most likely going to be awesome, PC Game Rental Service. 🙂 😀

    Now I wish I could’ve gotten this interview, but for some inane reason Gamefly thought they’d get more publicity by doing a interview with G4 (pffft, whatever). Well some people don’t like G4 and vastly love us so much that they don’t want to visit their inferior site. So I’m going to appease these lovable fans of ours/mine and give all of you the details/G4’s interview with Sean Spector (one of the founders of Gamefly).

    G4: Will subscribers be able to download brand new, AAA PC games?

    Sean Spector: Yes, on the retail side we will always offer AAA PC titles for sale at launch, or you can pre-order the games. With the “Unlimited PC Play,” there will be a wide selection of games, ranging from AAAs to casual and indie games.

    G4: Is the idea to compete with Steam?

    SS: With Direct2Drive, we are the #2 digital retailer in selling digital PC games. We want the client to be a one-stop shop for gamers, so we offer up-to-the-minute gaming news, a place to socialize with other gamers (and learn about new games), the ability manage their physical GameFly GameQ, and a way to organize their entire gaming library across all platforms.

    G4: And these are full downloads? Not streaming like OnLive?

    SS: Correct. We offer full Windows/Mac game downloads so gamers can play whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want. They wouldn’t be tied to an always-on connection.

    G4: Is there a stand-alone client? Or is it web based?

    SS: Our client is a custom built proprietary client, just like our popular mobile apps.

    G4: And you don’t have to be online to play?

    SS: We don’t believe in forcing consumers to be online to enjoy their games. If you have the digital client downloaded onto multiple PCs, you just have to sign into your account on any one of the PCs to play whatever game you’ve purchased and downloaded.

    G4: How about fans of older, harder to find PC titles?

    SS: We have over 1,500 titles from our acquisition of Direct2Drive. They will all be represented in our client. We’ll also have additional games in the “Unlimited PC Play” portion.

    G4: How will you keep people from stealing games?

    SS: You will need to have an account with GameFly and a credit card to purchase games.

    G4: Are you considering doing something similar for downloadable console games?

    SS: We are not at this time.

    G4: Does it include a digital version of the manual, if the game has one?

    SS: In some cases yes.  That really depends on the publisher.

    G4: Are you going to raise the price of your minimum subscription of $16 a month? You’ll be giving people unlimited games for a very, very cheap price. Is there a catch?

    SS: The Unlimited PC Play service will be at no additional cost to our members.  We are always looking at ways to deliver value to customers/members. Mobile is another great example of this as well.

    There you have it my ravenous yet adorable fans. All of the questions I wanted to ask Gamefly, but didn’t get the chance to since G4 has that thing called “moar moneeyz”


    Anyways I don’t know about the rest of you, but as I stated before I’M EXTREMELY EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! This can only mean great things, especially for all of you. Once this service launches this holiday season; Gamefly expects hundreds of PC games will be available to download and play at launch. Which of course means, all of you will finally be  able to bask in my opinion in whatever game (available for Mac & or PC) you were hoping to play. And as we all know..


    My opinion >>>>>>>>>>>>> Everything else.



    • Mave


    I do want to express ONE apology to the readers of this site/my fans… I’m sorry I wasn’t able to review Dead Space 2 for you… that is all.


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    Your Chance To Get Your Name Into A Video Game Is Hanging By A EDGE! Go Save Her! 

    Dutch Developers Two Tribes are bringing MobiGame hit EDGE on to steam this August on the 11th. Only 2 days left!! So for their up coming release they have decided to come up with a contest that will score you a free copy,the full digital portfolio(all their digital games) from Two Tribes and Mobigame and…..!!!!Your name in the game! and all you have to do is EDGE!!! Whats edge you ask? Well I’m not gonna explain it to you, but Two Tribes will in the video you see below. So be quick the contest ends August 15th and you can post your entries at the  the Two Tribes contest page which will be linked below. EDGE started off as a mobile game developed by the MobieGame team and it was  acquired last year by Two Tribes to be published and re developed for the PC and Mac. EDGE is a puzzle platformer(platformer first) that puts you into 46 unique levels with simple and addictive gameplay. Make sure to check out EDGE this Thursday when it releases and to keep a close eye on Two Tribes Publishing for more addicting indie hits by great and awesome indie developers.

    From Two Tribes site:


    “Basically what we do, is to look at underexposed high quality indie games out there, who haven’t reached the wide audience they deserve.”


    Post your entries!


    Here at 8BC no matter what your always a winner so heres the Edge Soundtrack for free!!!!!!(Donate if you can)


    A little more on Two Tribes Publishing


    Play the original mobile version


    Learn more about EDGE


    Much Love JT

    • Sculi Drew 3:05 pm on August 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I love edging! Almost as much as I love spooning Thizzberry before he wakes up to know I’m even there!

      I can win…I BELIEVE!

      • 8bitcoma 3:11 pm on August 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Holy Shit!!!!!! RSVPlay EDGING PROMO?!!!!!!!! OR Stream!!!!!!!!

    • Ramiro Herwehe 8:52 am on August 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Hello. Great job. I did not imagine this. This is a splendid story. Thanks!

    • se deguiser 2:21 am on September 30, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      An incredibly useful method to an incredibly useful subject matter make a difference.

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