Over 40 Minutes Of Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Gameplay and 20 Minutes Of It Broken Down

AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaw Yeah! Check out this video with over 40 minutes of Modern Warfare 3 team death match gameplay.

-Village map itakes place in Africa and was taken from a part of single player and will also be available on spec ops

– Resistance map that takes place in Paris that’s from the single player


-dropped when killed

-yellow ones drop when you kill a enemy

-red ones drop when your or a teammate are killed

-pick up the red ones to deny the other team points and

-if you pick up a team mates tag you both get XP

-yellow ones gets team  points

-tags gives you xp

-strike package: support : allows your kill streak to grow even if you die

-Every weapon has xp

-proficiencies: customizes weapon and weapon feel

-Proficiency: Kick,Impact,Attachments,Focus,Breath,Stability

kick proficiencies: reduce recoil

focus proficiencies : while getting shot, reduces damage recoil

some perks taken out- game winning nukes,commando,marathon,light weight,oma

some cod 4 perks brought back-extreme conditioning,overkill

-shotgun are primary’s

-A few strike packages:Assualt: UAV,Care Package,IMS,Predator Missle,Sentry Gun,Precision Airstrike,Attack Helicopter,Strafe Run, Little Bird Guard,Reaper,Assault Drone,Ac130,Pave Low,Juggernaut,Opsrey Gunner

-Strafe Run: Strafe Run of 5 attack helicopters

-Bird Guard: Get Personal Air Support From A Little Bird Guardian

-I.M.S.: Giant Claymore that shoots 4 bouncing bettie’s and  and is more then a 1 time use weapon.

-A few Strike Packages:Support: Uav,Counter Uav,Ballistic Vest, Airdrop Trap, Sam Turret, Recon Drone, Advance Uav,Remote Turret, Stealth bomber,Emp,Juggernaut Recon, Escort Airdrop

-Ballistic vest: Drops a bag of Ballistic Vest for your whole team

-Advance Uav: Call in a orbital recon that shows the direction your enemy is facing

-Airdrop Trap: Kill enemies with a booby trapped airdrop case

-Sam Turret: Automated Sam Turret that destroys serial killstreaks

-Recon Drone: COntrol a recon drone , targeting enemies for your team

-Juggernaut Recon: Recieve advanced armor via carepckage

-Stealth bomber: Airstrike undetectable on enemy maps

-A few Sub Machine Guns: MP5,UMP45,PP90m1.P90.Pm-9,Mp7

-A few Assault Rifles: M4a1,M16a4,Scar-L,CM901,Ype 95,G36c,ACR 6.8,Mk14,Ak-47,Fad

All that above is only 20 minutes in of the video ^

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Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Trailer

Welcome to the enemy line are you prepared for death and for all the blood that will be shed? Do you have the skills and perks to take on the foes you will face ahead? This new Modern warfare 3 Multiplayer trailer says other wise. No man is safe and the war-zone belongs to no other then the corpses laying beside you. Also Fuckin turret gun on wheels!!!!!!! Fuckin holy shit! Knife,Shoot,run and no scope your way to first place when Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Releases this November 8th.

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PlayStation 3 Owners Aren’t Pre-Ordering Modern Warfare 3

MSXboxWorld has revealed that PlayStation 3 owners aren’t exactly flocking to the release of Modern Warfare 3 as much as Xbox360 owners.

One reason for this is the fact that Sony doesn’t seem to be “starving” its owners for 1st party content. I’ve said time and time again that many gamers are much savvier and waiting to see what deals could be had on launch day. There are a lot of other (and more promising) games coming out within the next few months other than Modern Warfare 3.

And let’s not forget the small matter of Battlefield 3 releasing before MW3, which could’ve halted the “OMG I MUST GIT MODERN WHARRFUR3 NAO!” momentum that other Fish games have gotten in the past. Even the new trailer of the Spec Ops/Survival mode trailer hasn’t gotten gamers off of their savvy/indecisive asses to pre-order Modern Warfare 3 (and in my opinion, despite how I like making fun of this series and the hate it gets, that Spec Ops/Survival mode looks damn good. Even if it basically “horde” mode, but with Fish perks.) And no, I will not stop calling this series “Fish”.

Note: Am I the only one that thinks MW3’s music/”brrrnnggh” noise sounds an awful lot like Bad Company 3’s?

Although I really don’t give a Duke Nukem flying turd about which platform has the most pre-orders of a certain game. It doesn’t change the fact that gamers of every platform will have their own views on how much a game is worth to them. And no amount of  pre-order stats will make gamers feel any inclination on rushing to the store and making a five dollar promise that they will buy your game on release day or a couple days after that day. Your game’s content will do that, not useless stats.

It matters not which platform you’re on, the months leading up to Christmas promises to be a great time for you (excluding PSP and 3DS, they have no “gaemz”. The purposeful misspelling of games is kind of a inside joke here at 8BC, just deal with it and accept it softly.. like a strange rapist approaching your naughty parts, but the rapist is hot and has an aroma of Hot Pockets and Cheetos.)  The game doesn’t even come out until November so there is plenty of time for anyone to place a pre-order or not.

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N-Control’s “Avenger” PS3 Accessory Promises to Revolutionize Gameplay

Really? That looks like a flustercuk. >_>


N-Control is releasing its new accessory for the PlayStation 3 controller, this November. N-Control guarantees to provide users with “the ultimate gaming advantage.” N-Control claims its “Avenger” accessory to be “the most sophisticated secret weapon in the gaming industry,”. I swear, just about every other accessory maker and their dog claims this whenever they release an accessory too. Maybe I should place one of my turds in the freezer overnight and call it “the joystick that literally conforms to the way you hold it”. “The ShitStick, available now for 29.99 at where ever over-priced accessories can be found.”

Oh Demotivational, where would we be without you?

All cynicism and witty dialogue aside; the Avenger is an external adapter that houses the PlayStation 3 controller to enhance game play. The accessory tightly grips the controller’s exterior surface, providing an immersive gaming experience through an intuitive user-interface. Or so N-Control claims.  “It enhances the gamer’s manual dexterity and situational awareness by improving accuracy and reaction time,” says David Kotkin, lead designer of The N-Control Avenger. “This sophisticated accessory is specially engineered for those who want to push their gaming abilities to new heights.” The Avenger supposedly allows for rapid, fluid movements between individual buttons and analogue sticks (because I’ve always complained that my thumbs were just too fucking slow), allowing gamers to access nine functions simultaneously (who the hell needs nine functions at once?). The adapter comes equipped with a stabilizer tripod, high-precision tension straps, hair-triggers, and sensitivity adjusters, which can be fine-tuned like the price of a indecisive crack whore.

The Avenger’s release date coincides with the launch of Modern Warfare 3. The Avenger will only be available in a limited edition of 5000 Units Worldwide; gamers had better hurry if they wish to take advantage of this offer The PS3 Avenger can be ordered online from the N-Control website for $48.99.

For more information,go here

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Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Survival Trailer.. That is all


Oh who am I kidding, I always have to put some dialogue here just to let all of you know that I’m legendary. And I know that you thank me for it. Quick question: What do you get when you add “Survive for as long as possible” from Zombies with insane perks with the fact that your AI opponents also get perks WITH the Spec Ops mode… you get awesome.. that’s what you get.. don’t believe me? Watch and jizz on yourself then tell me I’m right, because I’m always right.



Now some may call me weird for this, but my favorite part is at the end… spoiler alert…



THE BOUNCING BETTY!!!!! (my personal favorite landmine)