Alien and Zombie killing just got ten dollars cheaper!

Before you start speculating on how every weapon and garden tool just got ten dollars cheaper, let me tell you to remain calm.. now remain calm. Are you calm?? Good. Okay now it’s time to get you all giddy and stuff, long story short; Resistance 3 and Dead Island are 10 dollars cheaper at Newegg!!!! However there is a catch, you have to input a specific code. Oh, if only there were a omnipotent game blogger that could supply you readers/worshipers with this magical code. Wait, there is :D. Here you go everybody! One last note, both games are eligible for FREE SHIPPING!

Well there ya go, links to get the games and the codes for your C&P pleasure. Now if you excuse me, I have to go back to making my own game. 🙂

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– Mave


NewEgg Crack Heads #1


SUPER EPIC PRE ORDER DEALS OVER @ NEW EGG!!!!!! All have free shipping with the promo codes APPLIED!!!!!! WHY AM I CAPSING?IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!


Gears of War 3 for the Xbox 360 44.99$

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Forza 4 for Xbox 360 44.99$

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Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception For the PS3 48$

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Rage: Anarchy Edition for the PS3, Xbox 360, or the PC for 48$

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Xbox 360 promo code EMCKBKF92

PC promo code EMCKBKF93



dont believe your 8BC bros? boom! AND

Much Love JT