Vita’s 3G Capped to 20MB of Data Download… wait what? o__O

Seems like Sony is taking a page from mobile phone service providers and posting a data download cap on their Vita (the data download cap is only if you opt for the 3G model.)

Sony representatives stated that players who will use the 3G downloads will be limited to 20MB of data. Wait what? That’s pretty damn absurd; what if I want to download a game from the PS Store or even do some online gaming? Oh wait, I can’t even do online gaming in 3G because the speeds are around 128kbps download and 64kbps upload. So unless I REALLY like the feel of my online gaming to be somewhere along the lines of obtuse and virtually unplayable, I get no online gaming for my Vita. Which brings about another question, why even bother having a 3G model if the speeds are going to be this piss poor?

Luckily those speeds and data caps are only for Japan (as of this typing) it’s still unknown as to what Americans and Brits get to do with their 3G, but since AT&T has an exclusive partnership deal with Sony & the Vita (in the U.S. that is) I’m guessing fuck all. I think I’m going to get Verizon Wi-Fi just to see if I can make an AT&T employee’s head implode.

The PSVita launches in Japan on December 17th, 2011. And sometime in early 2012 for the rest of us that matter.

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FFX for PS3 and PSVita Will be a REMAKE


I’m usually not the type of guy that gets “floored” by announcements, but needless to type, after stumbling upon this tidbit of news I immediately cast myself onto the floor. According to PSTime, Final Fantasy X will be a full blown remake that uses the Final Fantasy XIII engine. Now it’s time for some block quoted and bullet pointed details.


  • Uses the same engine from Final Fantasy XIII and adapted to PSVita.
  • All that is made ​​from scratch with the new engine is the design of the characters, the aeons and stage elements.
  • The sets and scenes in HD remastered CGI will implement a “filter” FFXIII Engine.
  • The magic and some lighting effects are achieved with the new engine “Luminous”.
  • The Blitzball undergoes some small changes.
  • Will include some online options (specific details are unknown).
  • The release date in Japan is fiscal 2012.

(Editors note: I tried to edit and modify those translated details to make the most sense as best as I could with what little energy I had)

I just hope they also edit out this laugh scene.

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Nathan Drake Ventures Into The Deadly Colors Of The Reading Rainbow

Have you been waiting to finally get your hands on some Uncharted adult literature so you could finally fulfill your fantasies!? Too bad!,  but we do have some good news. You will be able to pick up some Uncharted literature and be taken deeper into Nathan Drakes world and life with the up coming releases of the Uncharted book and comic series. The book Uncharted The Fourth Labyrinth will take you through a action pack story where Nathan Drake runs through the undergrounds of New York to the sands and dunes of Egypt and Greece while being chased by assassins as they try to uncover the truth behind the murder of Sully’s good friend and father of Nathans new damsel friend Jada. If your looking for a more sci fi version of Uncharted the the comic book might be the one for you since you’ll be joining Nathan Drake to the lost city that lies at the center of the Earth. You will be able to pick up the book on October 4th with the comic book series 1st issue being released on the 30th of November.

More Info:

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Escape Plan Announced: Gamescom

[These are only guesses and opinions]

Sony just announced Escape Plan a game where 2 Blobs try to escape this unknown place by going through rooms filled with traps and hazards to reach freedom. The trailer gave out the story of Escape Plan a Machinarium type vibe. Through the game you can blow yourself up into a balloon type figure to help you through the rooms. Such as helping you to float, bounce etc. This is great and exactly the type of games i want to see for the Vita.

MineCraft Phones Into Your Xperia Play

Xperia Play and Mojang have teamed up to bring you a super sexy gaming phone for charity. Hnnnnnnnnnnng. The phone really is sexy, well to me it is at least. The grass so green just laying their wanting you to hammer it with your large pick…………. Thats enough from me for now. The current bid price is $1,100 and in the next 6 days and 16 hours i have no doubt that that bid price will raise. So are you swag enough to be winner of this toe curling phone that not only is a MineCraft Xperia Play phone, but can play MineCraft on it? Just think how cool you would look in front of your friends, not only would they envy you for being able to play MineCraft on the go, they well also envy you because of this super rare MineCraft phone.  Just think of all the chicks you can pick up.

P.S. You onlyhave swag when people try to steal it from you.

Get the phone if you can:

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Win Raymans Love Back

Are you up for a little art contest? Do you love Rayman? will this is for you. Over at Pirate Community at they’ve announced that they are having a little art competition sponsored by Ubisoft. You will have to draw Rayman and some friends, but they must be either original characters or Ubisoft characters posed in a team or action pose.  For more information on the competition and where to submit it go to the link below good luck.


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ModNation Racers: Jhonny Thizzlam

Yes!! Join me on my quest to get my name into ModNation Racers Title!!!!!!!!! Pffffffffft Yeah ModNation might be in front of my name,but hey aslong as my name is on that cover theirs no way they can lose!!!!!

Hey you! yes you!!!!! you can help pick the title for the PSVita version of ModNation Racers!!!!! All you have to do is post on the blog post, yip that’s it and later on in the year they will select the winner!(ModNation Racers:Jhonny Thizzlam)What!? im just giving you a idea of what you can put down as the title.

Some Pics Of  New ModNation Racers DLC:

Released August 9th:

Out Now:

Make Me A Winner!! !I mean you can be a winner!!! :