Vita’s 3G Capped to 20MB of Data Download… wait what? o__O

Seems like Sony is taking a page from mobile phone service providers and posting a data download cap on their Vita (the data download cap is only if you opt for the 3G model.)

Sony representatives stated that players who will use the 3G downloads will be limited to 20MB of data. Wait what? That’s pretty damn absurd; what if I want to download a game from the PS Store or even do some online gaming? Oh wait, I can’t even do online gaming in 3G because the speeds are around 128kbps download and 64kbps upload. So unless I REALLY like the feel of my online gaming to be somewhere along the lines of obtuse and virtually unplayable, I get no online gaming for my Vita. Which brings about another question, why even bother having a 3G model if the speeds are going to be this piss poor?

Luckily those speeds and data caps are only for Japan (as of this typing) it’s still unknown as to what Americans and Brits get to do with their 3G, but since AT&T has an exclusive partnership deal with Sony & the Vita (in the U.S. that is) I’m guessing fuck all. I think I’m going to get Verizon Wi-Fi just to see if I can make an AT&T employee’s head implode.

The PSVita launches in Japan on December 17th, 2011. And sometime in early 2012 for the rest of us that matter.

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Creed Gives Out Free Copies Of Their New Album Blu Ass

 Ubisoft just announced on the PlayStation Blog that they will be giving out free Blu-ray copies of the original Assassins Creed with every pre order of Assassins Creed Revelations. They haven’t said if this promotion will be available everywhere so keep a close eye out over at your favorite video game retailer to grab yourself a copy. I have to admit that this is a pretty epic pre order bonus. What do you guys think of pre order bonuses? Do you hate them or love them? let us know in the comments below 🙂 .


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Nathan Drake Ventures Into The Deadly Colors Of The Reading Rainbow

Have you been waiting to finally get your hands on some Uncharted adult literature so you could finally fulfill your fantasies!? Too bad!,  but we do have some good news. You will be able to pick up some Uncharted literature and be taken deeper into Nathan Drakes world and life with the up coming releases of the Uncharted book and comic series. The book Uncharted The Fourth Labyrinth will take you through a action pack story where Nathan Drake runs through the undergrounds of New York to the sands and dunes of Egypt and Greece while being chased by assassins as they try to uncover the truth behind the murder of Sully’s good friend and father of Nathans new damsel friend Jada. If your looking for a more sci fi version of Uncharted the the comic book might be the one for you since you’ll be joining Nathan Drake to the lost city that lies at the center of the Earth. You will be able to pick up the book on October 4th with the comic book series 1st issue being released on the 30th of November.

More Info:

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Nathan Drake Kicks The Bucket In Uncharted Golden Abyss

If Uncharted 3 doesn’t have bucket kicking physics then Golden Abyss is truly the best game in the franchise.  Through out the walk through you will get to see Drake fingering his machete to cut through sheets in this hot steamy environment filled with fuego. Drake climbs the hot walls as they blow and create catastrophe all around him making the fire raise and make him hot all around, especially in the pants. Oh yeah look at that treasure shine….So shiny…..  Just need to collect it. Haha man I cant wait to meet up with Drake again when Uncharted releases in November. I so need to pick up a Vita just for Golden Abyss its looking epic so far. Pick up Uncharted Golden Abyss when it releases for the PlayStation Vita on December 31st of this year. What did you think of the Uncharted Golden Abyss gameplay footage? Are you gonna be picking yourself up a Vita with a copy of this game? Let us know in the comments below and also don’t forget to like us on Facebook 🙂 .

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Over 40 Minutes Of Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Gameplay and 20 Minutes Of It Broken Down

AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaw Yeah! Check out this video with over 40 minutes of Modern Warfare 3 team death match gameplay.

-Village map itakes place in Africa and was taken from a part of single player and will also be available on spec ops

– Resistance map that takes place in Paris that’s from the single player


-dropped when killed

-yellow ones drop when you kill a enemy

-red ones drop when your or a teammate are killed

-pick up the red ones to deny the other team points and

-if you pick up a team mates tag you both get XP

-yellow ones gets team  points

-tags gives you xp

-strike package: support : allows your kill streak to grow even if you die

-Every weapon has xp

-proficiencies: customizes weapon and weapon feel

-Proficiency: Kick,Impact,Attachments,Focus,Breath,Stability

kick proficiencies: reduce recoil

focus proficiencies : while getting shot, reduces damage recoil

some perks taken out- game winning nukes,commando,marathon,light weight,oma

some cod 4 perks brought back-extreme conditioning,overkill

-shotgun are primary’s

-A few strike packages:Assualt: UAV,Care Package,IMS,Predator Missle,Sentry Gun,Precision Airstrike,Attack Helicopter,Strafe Run, Little Bird Guard,Reaper,Assault Drone,Ac130,Pave Low,Juggernaut,Opsrey Gunner

-Strafe Run: Strafe Run of 5 attack helicopters

-Bird Guard: Get Personal Air Support From A Little Bird Guardian

-I.M.S.: Giant Claymore that shoots 4 bouncing bettie’s and  and is more then a 1 time use weapon.

-A few Strike Packages:Support: Uav,Counter Uav,Ballistic Vest, Airdrop Trap, Sam Turret, Recon Drone, Advance Uav,Remote Turret, Stealth bomber,Emp,Juggernaut Recon, Escort Airdrop

-Ballistic vest: Drops a bag of Ballistic Vest for your whole team

-Advance Uav: Call in a orbital recon that shows the direction your enemy is facing

-Airdrop Trap: Kill enemies with a booby trapped airdrop case

-Sam Turret: Automated Sam Turret that destroys serial killstreaks

-Recon Drone: COntrol a recon drone , targeting enemies for your team

-Juggernaut Recon: Recieve advanced armor via carepckage

-Stealth bomber: Airstrike undetectable on enemy maps

-A few Sub Machine Guns: MP5,UMP45,PP90m1.P90.Pm-9,Mp7

-A few Assault Rifles: M4a1,M16a4,Scar-L,CM901,Ype 95,G36c,ACR 6.8,Mk14,Ak-47,Fad

All that above is only 20 minutes in of the video ^

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It Only Does Anything: Christina Ricci Playing Tennis While Dancing And Trying Eating Her Jaw

At first I looked at these picks and thought boobies and then I thought cool PS Move has a new tennis game. Then I stopped looking at the pictures and starting reading(yukky) the article linked below and realized these are the most horrible pictures of a person dancing that I have ever seen. Anyways have some hot pictures of Christina Ricci playing Everybody Dance for the Playsation Move on the PS3. Either way epic marketing Sony know all you have to do is step your game up and photoshop some PS Vitas onto the leaked Scarlett Johansson nudes and your set for the next few years. Yip this story was totally posted just for the pics. Oh well. My new marketing ploy for Sonyand the PSMove “Move! it will make you crackhead skinny”. Not model skinny, crackhead skinny.

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1000 Tiny Claws Coming This October

Remember the awesome bros who brought you the epic games Monsters (probably) Stole My Princess and Whos That Flying?? You do! Well we got some great news for you. This October they will be releasing their 3rd PS Mini game on the PS3. 1000 Tiny Claws is about Rana the first mate of a legendary sky pirate crew and how she  has to save them and the world after they’ve  unleashed a deadly curse upon it. Now its up to Rana,  Captain Bluebell and Mr Yoho to clean, bring back and save the world from the hordes of the giant insect plague that have invaded. And they have to do it all in 24 hours or meet their doom.

1000 Tiny Claws will have all this epicness bundled in it

  • Story mode featuring 25 levels over 5 exotic stages
  • 12 Unique enemies
  • 3 Epic Boss battles
  • 5 Survival Mode Stages
  • 25 Challenge Mode Stages
  • 16 Revealing Ship’s Log entries to discover
  • 15 Awesome Awards to place in your Treasure Room
  • 6 Animated Piratical cut-scenes

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