Super Meat Boy 24 Hour Live Stream

[Stream Starts at 1am Pacific Time on the 27th]

If your wondering why their hasn’t been any post as of lately it is, because our most active writer Jhonny Thizzlam has been busy setting up a live stream for the release of the Binding Of Isaac on the 28th. Like always he started late and only had a week to set everything up. In four days he worked on the exterior of the stream lol.  when he should of been working on the exterior, with only 54 hours to go lets hope he can pull off a miracle and get the stream lag free (doubt it). Above you will see our Super Meat Boy Live stream promo that he did on the fly.

[ Jhonny Thizzlam] Yip, I wanted to do a live stream because I love super meat boy and since the Binding Of Isaac was coming out and half of Team Meat was working on it, why not play Super Meat Boy all day, before it comes out. Then I told myself “if your gonna play Super Meat Boy all day why not stream it?” Then I was like holy fuck that’s a great idea. Super Meat Boy for 24 hours on my birthday! It can’t get better then this! So since this stream is on the fly I apologise now for the lag that will be experienced and for not having any prizes to give away. I also apologize for not have enough time to have Skype worked and figured out and not having a computer good enough to run it.

[Things that are being worked on] Stream quality, voice [a must], cam [probably not],skype[maybe], prizes [I’ll see what I can do]…….  Things I don’t get to do this time around since stream was done on the fly… Dress up as Dr. Fetus and paint my face pink which is as much as a let down for me as it is for you since I really wanted to do it lol.

If you cant make it at least take a glimpse at my channels layout I think its pretty cool.

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The Binding Of Isaac Trailer

Mother……mother are you alri……….. no!!!!!! After Isaac’s mom loses her mind little Isaac goes and takes shelter in the basement for safety. To find himself in a even more dangerous situation where he has to fight his way through the evil that has been brought onto his family and home. Will he be able to stop the madness? we’ll have to see when Binding of Isac releases next month, but for now check out the Super Meaty Trailer of The Binding Of Isaac above.

Sub To James the creator of the Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy Trailers

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Jamie Refenes St. Baldricks Foundation Fundraising

Jamie Refenes younger sister of Team Meats Tommy Refenes is fundraising money for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a volunteer driven charity that funds research for finding cures for childhood cancers and gives survivors healthy long lives. So help Jamie reach her goal of $200 by clicking on the link below and donating. Helping and giving to others is one of the best feelings you can get in life 🙂 .

Help Jamie reach her goal

How the charity got started

Where the money goes

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The Binding Of Isaac Plushies

Danielleorama is back and this time she’s bringing a new friend to her plush line. Isaac from The Binding Of Isaac will have his own plushies that will be hand made by Danielle and sold on Etsy. No word on when, but we have no doubt that they will be great. If the Danielleorama name sounds familiar to you that might be because the same person who’s making the Isaac plushies is the person who created the Super Meat Boy plushies that were a hit amongst the fans and gamers. Make sure to get yourself one on release, because you never know when production will stop on these handmade plushies.

Keep a close eye on this page

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Mother Please Don’t Sell Me To That Homeless Man For $5 The Binding Of Isaac

On August 7th 9:10pm pacific time Team Meat’s Edmund McMillen revealed the Official steam art and price of  The Binding Of Isaac. The Binding Of Isaac is a a game by Edmund Mcmillan (half of Team Meat) that is coming out this month on steam and will be priced at the very very low cost of $5!!!!!!!! Its no secret that somebody in 8BC is a fukin nerd for SMB and gets Excite Bike about Team Meat or anything revolving around them! Not gonna mention any names or try to pronounce it in a different way and fail(Fonzy Fuzzyarm)at it. Binding Of Isaac has been called a cross between Smash TV and Legend of Zelda which doesn’t help with my impatience and eagerness of wanting to play this game!!! I want this game so bad i want it in my hands and out of my pants.(If only i was aloud to review this game) 😦 .

Much Love JT

Motion Controlled Meat Is A No Go Interviewed a couple of developers and the one interview out of the bunch that stood out the most was the one with Edmund McMillen from Team Meat the creators of Super Meat Boy. Edmund McMillen spoke about  Nintendos Wii motion controls and how the only fun Wii games with motion controls were the ones made by Nintendo. Later on his twitter Mcmillen said that most of the Wii games that are out could easily be fun if they use the pad instead of the motion controls.


“When it comes down to it, if Nintendo is the only one that is able to come up with awesome ideas for the peripheral, then I really doubt anyone else is going to.

And the same goes for Kinect. That thing is a piece of garbage. There is absolutely nothing good for it. It’s a joke. It’s a f***ing joke. It doesn’t make any f***ing sense. It’s painful because they justify it by saying ‘a lot of people bought it’, but that’s just marketing. I’m telling you, there’s not going to be anything for it that’s so compelling that 10 years from now you’ll tell your friends ‘wow, I really want to break out the Kinect and play this’. It’s just not going to happen”


To see everything that was said and the rest of the developer Interviews go check out

P.S. I’m the biggest Super Meat Boy Fan

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